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seeking for a balanced in-ear headphone under 200 dollars that is great with soul :)
How will v-moda m100 compare to the beyerdynamic custom one pro soundwise?
I've already seen that, but I want more opinions.
Which amplifier would sound best to the PRO 900 for the price?
But I don't just want bass, I also want some details in my music and with brilliant highs, then is the PRO:s my man?    I don't have afford to buy a new amplifier, but do the FiiO E11 work with Ultrasone PRO 900
I am very interested in these two cans with plenty of base which I like. What's the main difference between these (in bass, treble, highs). Is PRO 900 worth the extra cash? I'm now using the portable amplifier FiiO E11 with a nice bass-boost with my Bose QC15 which doesn't has that much base but quite good clearness (but not for the money I spent on them)   So which headphone should I buy (the owners of XB 1000 and PRO 900)    Thank you!  
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