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 Not that apparent to my ears. Not really piercing, just much sharper than X.Bass wise, X is deeper a little bit. But honestly, the PF series are considered rolled off on both ends. Emotion wise in vocal songs, X is my go to preference. Detail wise, go to FiBASS.
 X is less bright, and more thicker in mids.
1) 105,060 2) 100,040 3) 109,179
 Yep. H8 is more forgiving, more relaxing, more bass, and dissolve into the background easier. It makes the experience less attention grabbing. Definitely suitable for a weekend unwind.
yeah, it does run out the battery faster, but music is all we're after!
 JVC did change the signature moreso than the spinfits to my ears. I like it, but it won't be an automatic choice given how it affects the sound.   Lab1 is a limited edition item which won't be produced anymore (I think). I remembered Heaven S sounds a bit less clearer , but clarity isn't its forte. It's the amazing coloring that's so alluring. Similarly, H8 didn't remind me of its clarity (directly compared to H7), but it has such relaxing signature with big bass that's...
It's always on Class A. Just that you can choose either 20ma or 40ma output.
 B1 is warm. C5 is quite powerful. Even with low gain. It can easily power an ortho like HE400i or HE560 (in terms of loudness). B1 excels in smoothness. C5 is more v-shaped than B1. Staging wise, C5 is more defined. Portability? C5 wins. It doesn't get as hot as B1's Class-A heat. I didn't try it with FX850. FX850 gave me that edginess in treble that I find a hard time tolerating, and also the bass. I don't know if B1 can take away the edge, but I suspect B1 will not...
Try get the JVC Spiral Dots. It may be different. To my ears, it's quite pleasant.
Just had the B1 here.   The box is a bit tricky to open. Inside it comes with standard Micro USB cable and interconnect.    Since this is a Class A design, the amp will get hot, but not scorching. Aluminium chassis helps, I guess, to let the heat go...let it go...   Love the yellow lights inside the glass when powered on. Is this thing a dual-mono design? Hope so,   Volume pot is a bit flat. Kinda hard to dial when both sides are crowded by the interconnect and...
New Posts  All Forums: