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Eh? An earbud? Ideal for my commute!
How good it is if the iPod nano 6 is still around. It'd be a dream of OCD! Look at the similar size and shape omg delicious! A true HiFi on the go.
Yep. But i didn't care for once the size. Gonna make it a home portable setup. Amazon. 
I tried the Aune M2 Pro (which is very very capable with lots of details on the low end), the Fiio X7 (well), Sony NW-A25 (Surprisingly packed with bass), and then this one.   And I have previously tried the DX80 (I loved it very much due to the smooth signature w/o sacrificing details), Fiio X3 (small DAP), and all others before.   HM650 is the most different of all. And to my brain is the closest to analogue.
 u amazed and satisfied with the new god? Haha.btw, yeah, the nerd in me was like, err... you're definitely pretty eye candies, butta, this occasion is for different purpose. If you're around smiling, making us happy and stuffs, and helping us with putting on earphones or gladly sharing head-fi experience with us, it'd probably be entertaining!
I only met International head-fiers! Haha.Ah, you missed quite a lot, I think.True, looks like everyone has a great time!
 Oh God I should've tried that.   That's just hearsay and I have witnessed otherwise!
 Yeah, should have. Did the new Dita successfully remove the upper end harshness? It's not really much, but a little bit harsh to my ears. A tiny little bit.  YES! Those MERLIN MKII is amazing! Clearer than the dual dynamic dual BA one.
Thoughts after the show: I'm quite drowsy throughout the first day, and was only 45 mins there in the second due to wrongly purchased early ticket leaving. LOVE: JUPITER: Very very detailed, even more so than my Dunu 2000J. Bass is surprisingly quite present and a lot (at least I was expecting a flatter FR). Ken Ball himself said he preferred the Comply tips because something like it extends the FR while normal silicon tips makes the FR a ^ shape. Something like silicon...
 Not that apparent to my ears. Not really piercing, just much sharper than X.Bass wise, X is deeper a little bit. But honestly, the PF series are considered rolled off on both ends. Emotion wise in vocal songs, X is my go to preference. Detail wise, go to FiBASS.
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