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Yup. It was supposed to "age" over time. And by the website, I wonder what they mean: But certainly the earphone bag is very unique! 
 -Yep. One of the main gateways to portable audiophile world has been closed. What's next? HD x Music streaming DAP? LOL. -Heard the Heavens be descending onto earth today. It was said it would be around September, or Summer in Jpn. -One of my issues isn't on the sound, but rather the headband which I find it hard to replace and wonder if it would worn out in time.
 No no.. The JVC, you kinda have to try it yourself if possible. I believe they have demo set. My ears could have a different response from yours. Haha. Because lots of people like it. Heaven C is kinda rare nowadays, since the newer numero Heavens are out. Isolation is kinda on the poor side to me, because if you notice...  There's a little hole at the back of the earphone housing, which promotes air flow in the unit but may allow external noise to enter the chamber. And...
First thing first, RIP to iPod Classic T.T   2nd thing, I heard Heaven 7 & 8 will both be priced below Ba-SS. Hmmm. Single BA, difference is in the gold coating? That's interesting.   3rd, Hope 10 is marvelously (or obscenely) expensive!
He probably means that since it's so limited, will they be able to replace it in case sth happens. That's what I guessed.
That probably is one of the last Takai-san's creations...
 LOL. FAD and "normal" can hardly be used on the same sentence. Yeah, it's not that "echoey", but it does echo quite sufficiently. FWIW, it's the first numbered Heaven, and it does sound very clean.
 IV is brighter, V is less brighter to my ears. The materials does make a difference to the sound signature, but to me, it changes the flavor rather than "upgrade" it.  Err.. AFAIK, my friend did took away the filter in his PF II, and it resulted in brighter sound but less controlled highs. Well, YMMV I guess. Btw, I also selling my PF IX (which I got from Jaben Network). LOL. Forgive me for advertising here ><
Hey come on man, enjoy some good meal before listening. It'll effectively boost the musical experience! Haha. Hmmm.. That's a probable scenario too. 100 pieces spreading around the world, that's quite a treasure hunt.
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