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 limpeh just bought vali + modi combo for HD800, and using it now. Don't know how it would sound differently than your E17 + iCan setup, but for the price, aiyoh, not much choice also. Maybe some days later I'll look straight to balanced setup? What about you?
Impression: Pandora 6 balanced mode (cable mod by a fellow local head-fier).   The soundstage width increased by a large margin. And that's part of the improvement.
Way to go, balanced Pandora!   Soundstage, as in left right channel, became increasingly far apart. That's for shure.
 Do update when u tried it. Honestly, I feel that those two features are quite enjoyable. Especially so if u can get it cheap!
 Yeah i know. I mean, desktop setup sometimes can be big, so people would opt for portables to save desk space. Unless you have something like the schiit stack, which is considerably small in size. And also the iFi micro DSD. Good setup for DSD playback. Btw, I heard the iFi iCan before. Quite enjoyable. Especially the 3D and bass boost. You may enjoy it too. Now comes in V2.
 The fad nowadays is Sony MDR-Z7. Honestly, I haven't heard it so I couldn't say too much about it apart from what I've heard over the internet and from few first hand accounts, that it's among the top in its price range. I would suggest you to try listen to them before deciding. I can't tell which one might suit you best. If I were to throw random suggestions, it could be a wild goose chase lol. Nevertheless, I'll point out a few usual suspects for the...
Yeah. PC is good and if you're satisfied, why not lol? Man, i feel evil for putting these money-laundering ideas in your head LOL. butta, try an amp or a dac/amp setup yeah. could've give your ad700 a new breath of life.
Tried using other amplifiers with some bass boost? That could've help I guess.
Yup. It was supposed to "age" over time. And by the website, I wonder what they mean: But certainly the earphone bag is very unique! 
 -Yep. One of the main gateways to portable audiophile world has been closed. What's next? HD x Music streaming DAP? LOL. -Heard the Heavens be descending onto earth today. It was said it would be around September, or Summer in Jpn. -One of my issues isn't on the sound, but rather the headband which I find it hard to replace and wonder if it would worn out in time.
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