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The same thing can be said for the Piano Fortes too, if you're using the conventional benchmark.
And as usual, for the Lab 1, like all other FAD masterpieces, requires clean source of music. I switched the DAP to a less colored one, and evidently the sound is much much better.   Nevertheless, the Heaven series are more all-rounder than the pricier models.
RIP   solemn night.
48.6 lbs 72.9 lbs 24.3 lbs
It's just released. Haven't got to try it yet. 
 Perhaps you'd like the new Heaven series, with housing which looks like the Lab1, but maybe different configuration.
Lab 1 ain't no earbud, and for that price and build, I ain't wanna take it outdoors. Seal is dependent on the tips since the housing has no visible vent.   Btw, Heaven 7 and 8 are coming up! Perhaps alternative(s) for Lab1?
I know and I got the Fortes, and also the Adagio. But it's time to renew the dynamic lineup!
It's time we have some dynamic-driver magic! FAD make it happen!
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