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Just ordered a set, should be here in 5-15 days. First new headphone in a long time :)
 The 16610 IMO is much classier than the current production 116610. The thicker lugs and maxi dial on the new version detracts from the elegance of its predecessor IMO. That's a grail-worthy watch, congrats! And if you ever decide to let it go, hit me up ;)
New acquisition, Tudor Black Bay Red (discontinued ETA version):        
So I've been out of the Head-Fi game for a long time now, but have recently become very interested in watches. So what do I do? Post on Head-Fi about my new watch :P       Tudor North Flag, COSC certified in-house movement with silicon balance spring. So far it's been running at about +1 second per week.   Next up is a dress watch, which will hurt the bank account far more :(
 The bass is quite good, but from the (brief) time I've spent with them so far the main standout is the treble. Female vocals and some string instruments, particularly violin sound exceptional so far. Had an eargasmic moment on the commute in to work today with The Corrs - Everybody Hurts from their Unplugged album, for instance.
Bit the bullet and bought a pair yesterday. I'll give them time to settle in and then post impressions.
Indeed :) How's it going Erwin? Designed a successor to the Beast yet? I recently lost my pair of Senn Momentums on a drunken night out, so I thought I'd jump back into Head-Fi to look for replacement cans. Might end up grabbing an Oppo PM-3.
Anyone else excited about it? Upcoming isometric RPG hailing back to the days of Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment:   With release a few days away I've been reading through the wiki and trying to decide what sort of character to play. I'm thinking Orlan for the race, purely because they're unusual and seem to be marginalized by the rest of the setting's races. I like playing the underdog :)
True, for long hiking/walking trips the PM-3 would probably be too heavy at 320g. The HD-25 is only 140g, and the Momentum clocks in at 190g.   Audio-technica make some good-sounding portables, albeit brighter and with more of a treble emphasis than Sennheiser. The Ath-ES7 would also be in your price range and weighs about 160g. It hardly isolates at all, but that doesn't seem to be a concern for you.   Other than that there are IEMs, but I always find those...
 Have you tried stretching the headband? Pick something a bit larger than your head and leave them stretched over them for a day or two, should reduce the clamping force (and the isolation). I found the clamp a bit much when I first got mine too, but a combination of them stretching and my ears getting accustomed to it has made it hardly noticeable for hour-long listening sessions. That being said I'm still thinking of replacing mine soon with an Oppo PM-3.
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