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For sale:   Near mint condition Sony XBA-4/40 Quad Balanced Armature earphones Japan edition.   Gorgeous chrome effect finish.   Complete with all accessories, tips, packaging etc.   Will ship anywhere at buyers cost.
Hey, first of all I just want to say my comments are not designed to upset anyone so if anyone reads them and gets annoyed I apologise. :)  I realise we all hear things differently so opinions are going to vary etc. :)   Just to clarify I tried the SD3s with a Sony ZX1, FiiO X5, MacBook Air, Denon MC6000 and OnePlus One Phone. They gave the same characteristics with all of those devices. They were 'fun' but not balanced or particularly detailed.   Earphones I have...
Has anyone compared the ZX1 and the FiiO X5? I have read one review on here but it didn't really get into the details of what the differences were. I have both the ZX1 and the X5 and am struggling to decide which one to keep! I have tried Westone W4r, Dunu DN-19 and Sony XBA-4s. Would love to hear anyone else's views on the two DAPs.......
Had the SD3 for a couple of weeks and sent them back. They are not worth the price given their performance. Much more accurate and revealing earphones can be bought for around the same and even less money. They are NOT the full custom sound in a universal shell that people proclaim they are. Disappointing is an understatement.
Hey, I have 1.13.0009. Sony UK website suggests that is the latest....   Will have a look at the Hugo thread but reluctant to post anymore on HiRes. Seem to be a lot of people with faith based hearing rather than studying the science first and knowing the limits of their own auditory system. Last thing I need is be bullied online! :)
Recently had a double blind test of some Hi-Res and same standard 16/44 audio on a £17k Linn stereo system and myself and two friends could not hear a difference at all. Don't think I will be replacing my collection with HiRes anytime soon :)   On the ZX1 front what are peoples impressions on the Clearaudio + setting? I have got my ZX1 and been comparing it against my FiiO X5. So far I feel the X5 gives a more balanced performance and feels quite natural. The ZX1, with...
Hey everyone, looking for a pair of Dunu D2000s to try out. Anyone looking to sell out there?   Thanks!
Hey, I am tempted to take off the leather headband just to get access to the screws. I have some friends who are good with sewing so will get a new pad and leather and suppose I could call them customised headphones then? :) Very annoying thought a very bad design by HiFiMAN! :(
Thanks, will try. Not sure who the official UK HiFiMAN contact point is?
Hi guys,   I have done something rather foolish and accidentally broken off one of the earcups from the headband on my HIFIMAN HE500s :(   There are 2 little screws that are fixed underneath the material on the headband and I cannot see a way of screwing the screws back into the fixing on the cup.   Anyone got any ideas?   I am in the UK so if anyone knows of companies that do headband replacement/repair I would be most grateful!   Thanks
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