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Owned by me from new Musical Fidelity V90-HPA headphone Amp/USB DAC.   Unit is new and has only been taken out of the box to try against my Denon DA300, which I prefer.   This is a great little amp at this price!   Still have all the packaging etc.   Price includes postage to UK. Can post to Europe at buyers cost.   Thanks
Hey everyone,   Moving on my fantastic Sennheiser HD-650 headphones. Owned by me from new and still with all original packaging etc. Been looked after extremely well as all of my equipment is! Still have the original purchase receipt. Only selling due to put more money into my DAC/AMP setup and not listening to the 650s as much since getting some HiFiMAN HE560s.   Will send to UK (free) and Europe (at buyers cost).   Will add pictures later today.   £150
I cannot answer that. I gave up trying to justify my expenditure on HiFi a long time ago :) I am an addict and that is that. The Sony looks/feels like a high end product, the AK feels pure luxury......think BMW vs. the short time I had with the AK I cannot say I felt it was £1000 better but I still want one!
I really like the AK120 mk2. Lovely well made and aesthetically pleasing piece of hardware. Sound wise I would say it is pretty organic and lush sounding with oodles of detail. I haven't spent much time with it so these are just my initial impressions. The ZX1 is a bit picky with earphones and I would say with a well matched pair it gives a lovely airy soundstage and great instrument separation. Can get a little edgy with the highs but overall I really like it too. I...
Hehe ok. Well I do not want to come across as a 'hater' as I am not. I love Jerry Harvey products mostly but I just felt really let down by the Laylas. As others have pointed out the size and fit on them is horrendous for anyone who has medium/small ear canals. I had to put small tips on and on one ear I had to gold it in place to ensure the seal stayed. When I did get them in and started listening I was struck with how average they sounded. There were not massively...
Hey guys, I had a chance to listen to these at a show in London yesterday and I have to say I was unimpressed. Firstly the ear canal pieces are so ridiculously massive that neither myself or another guy at the stand could actually get them into our ears without holding them in place. We tried all 3 ear tip sizes! Then the sound....well for the price these do not outshine the competition (SE846, W50, AKG K3003 etc.). I found the detailing to be good but not amazing. The...
Hi everyone,   I was burgled over Christmas and the b*stards stole my Denon AH-600 headphones. I therefore have a box that I do not need anymore so I will willingly send it to anyone who wants it just at the price of postage.   Hope someone can use this!!!! :)
Thanks, yes the b*stards took my Denon AH-D600 headphones too! :(
Hi everyone,   I was burgled recently and the b*stards stole my FiiO X5. They did not, however, take the packaging so I am happy to send this to anyone who wants it just a the cost of shipping.   I am in the UK but will ship anywhere at shipping cost.   Thanks
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