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Hey, I am tempted to take off the leather headband just to get access to the screws. I have some friends who are good with sewing so will get a new pad and leather and suppose I could call them customised headphones then? :) Very annoying thought a very bad design by HiFiMAN! :(
Thanks, will try. Not sure who the official UK HiFiMAN contact point is?
Hi guys,   I have done something rather foolish and accidentally broken off one of the earcups from the headband on my HIFIMAN HE500s :(   There are 2 little screws that are fixed underneath the material on the headband and I cannot see a way of screwing the screws back into the fixing on the cup.   Anyone got any ideas?   I am in the UK so if anyone knows of companies that do headband replacement/repair I would be most grateful!   Thanks
For sale:   iBasso DX50 music player plus silicone case.   Screen protector has been on it since day one and it has been used for around 6 hours max. No marks, dents etc. It is as it was when I got it.   Still with all packaging etc.   £140 ono
Hi everyone,   I currently have some Sony XBA4 earphones that I have liked up until the point I bought a FiiO X5. I love the Sony's open spacious sound but they metallic treble sound is amplified greatly by the X5 and they are now fatiguing.   The X5 with my other earphones, Westone 4Rs, sound fantastic so I want to keep the X5 for now.   Can anyone recommend some earphones in the $300+ bracket that have the wide/open soundstage of the Sony's but not the metallic...
In mint condition FiiO E17 USB DAC/headphone amp.   Great little device, performs above it's price point. Only selling due to getting a FiiO X5 which can also act as an external DAC.   Comes complete with all accessories, packaging etc. Screen protector was never removed so it pretty much is as new.   Will ship to UK and Europe only.   £75 ovno delivered (to UK, Europe postage will be added)
Hey everyone, anyone got a pair of Sony XBA H3 hybrid earphones they want to pass on?   Cheers
Wanted.   Anyone got a FiiO X5 in the UK/Europe that they are wanting to sell on?   Thanks
Great condition V-Sonic GR07 bass edition earphones.   Everything in the pictures is included.   Only selling due to going up to some Sony XBA4s.   Will ship anywhere (UK free, rest of the world at cost)   Thanks for looking!!
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