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PM sent!
PM Sent!
That actually sounds like a brilliantly simple solution. I forgot that the M-Stage had another RCA input. Much appreciated!      
Would anyone know how the m-stage compares to the amp section of the Nuforce Icon HDP? My current set-up is a Macbook Pro (via USB) -> HRT MSII -> Matrix M-stage -> HD598. But I want an optical input on my DAC so I can hook it up to my xbox 360 as well. So would I be missing anything from the m-stage if I switched my set-up to Macbook Pro -> Icon HDP -> HD598?   I guess another way to ask this would be asking whether you view going from the MSII+M-stage to an Icon...
PM Sent!
Hi all,   I have some questions about the DT-770 600ohm. I'm looking to upgrade from my ATH M-50, and I had been considering the DT-770 and the D2000. The D2000 seemed like a good choice, but the subpar isolation is what is holding me back from picking them up. So I started looking into the DT-770's, and the 600ohm version looks quite appealing right now. Would anyone know whether a Matrix M-stage would drive the 600ohm 770's sufficiently? Or would it be better to...
    Quote:   Sorry to hear that =/ I've been fiddling with the 598's on my head for the last 5 minutes to try to find a position in which the bumps make my ears hurt, but I can't seem to reproduce what you had there. And I thought I had big ears...
www.gd-audiobase.com or www.bugdenaudio.com for Fischer headphones as far as I know. I've bought Eternas off of bugden before, but I don't believe they have the 003's in stock right now EDIT: looks like gd-audiobase is out of stock too as of now =/    
The D2000's are certainly something I've been considering. I do believe ElectronicsExpo sells an open box D2000 for $200. Do you know whether open-box headphones from ElectronicsExpo are well-regarded here on head-fi?   But the isolation factor makes me a little hesitant, so I've also been looking into Fischer Audio's FA-003. Would you know whether I'd be missing out a lot on SQ/comfort by trying to go for the better isolating 003's?   Thanks    
Hi guys, I'm a long time lurker who has finally decided to speak up and ask for some advice. I started reading Head-Fi about a year and half ago, and I started with an ATH-M50 and a FiiO E5. Those served me pretty well for about a year, but this summer I decided to step it up a little, and got myself an HD598 with a Matrix M-Stage and a Music Streamer II out of my Macbook Pro. I'm really liking the new set-up, and I've been listening to it for about a month now. I hadn't...
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