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Glad to hear you went with the HD598's and that you're enjoying them that much
You're most welcome
Have you tried changing the gain on the bottom of the M-Stage? There are four little switches you can change and there should be a diagram on the bottom as well that shows the 4 gain settings (0dB - 20dB). I'd definitely start there if you haven't had a chance to mess with those yet. I can't personally comment on the max volume of the M-Stage as I only have relatively low impedance cans and rarely turn it past 10 o'clock with 0 gain >.>
If I may butt in and add another DAC/Amp combo in that price range for your consideration: the CEntrance DACmini.   I've actually been contemplating the same thing as the OP, with the addition of the DACmini of course, as a future set-up based on the HD650. So I'd also be grateful if anyone has any insight regarding the synergy of the HD650 and the Lyr+Bifrost/HA-160DS/DACmini.
  If you're getting these strictly for home use, I'd recommend the HD598. I think the HD598's and SRH940's both work wonderfully with female vocals and have many similarities, but if I had to pick one for home use I'd go with the HD598's. You say you're looking for more "intense" bass, which is another nod to the 598's. Both have a tight, controlled bass, but there is certainly more of it in the HD598. Also, the HD598 wins hands-down in terms of long-term comfort. This...
  You really don't want to use these while commuting. They're open headphones, i.e. sound leaks in and out. People will hear what you are listening to and you will hear outside noise. You probably wouldn't be able to listen to music with the 598's on a subway. If you're looking for commuting headphones, look into IEM's or portable (perhaps on-ear), closed headphones.
  I pretty much had the same experience with the pro750's. Except I had the hd598's before the pro750's. I tried the pro750's for a day, and I couldn't stand the discomfort of the circular pads so i returned them =/
haha i'm in the same boat ^^ definitely looking toward a HD650 in the future, but those 1840's sure do look nice x.x
i'm in as well ^^
I was actually listening to my 940's as I read the first paragraph, and I thought to myself, this guy wants a pair of 940's. I love the mids and highs on the 940's; female vocals really shine. I have the M50's as well, and their comfort certainly left me wanting. The velour pads are a big plus for comfort, and the isolation is decent if not pretty good. The soundstage is quite nice as well for closed headphones.   Obviously, I'm sure you'll want other opinions from more...
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