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I just tried this on my HD598. Quite a brilliant solution indeed. I'll probably undo it as it's a little short for home use, as I like to walk around a bit to do things around my desk with headphones on, but definitely a great length for any portable can with a long cable.
  Thanks. I'd really appreciate it.   Thanks for the link. I've read through Mike's thoughts on the two before. I just find there to be a lack of comparisons between DAC/Amp combos in that price range, so I figured I'd ask if I could get another opinion. Austin's reviews are always a great read, and it would just provide that much more information for others in a similar situation as mine.  
Thanks for the review! I've been looking toward upgrading to an HD650-based set-up within the next 6 months or so, and the 160DS is definitely among my top choices. Is there any chance of getting a comparison of the 160DS with a Dacmini?
I have a Mac with a 64-bit Windows 7 partition. I've had the MSII for about 5 months now and I've never had an issue with it while I used Windows. And if I recall correctly, it was just plug-and-play, in terms of drivers and whatnot. And it was just off of a USB 2.0 port. Sorry to hear you're having such issues, but I don't think it's an inherent incompatibility between the MSII and 64-bit Windows 7
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the A900X vs. SRH940 when you get the chance ^^
I wear glasses and have the M50, HD598, and SRH940. In terms of comfort, the HD598 wins hands-down. The SRH940 has velour pads as well, but the actual cup is smaller. As I've worn the HD598's for a while now, there are indentations on the pads from where they touch my glasses, but I would rather have that than have the glasses press up against my head. The M50's I can barely stand to listen to anymore just because of the (lack of) comfort, and though I love my SRH940's,...
Thanks ^_^     Thanks. I've also got a MusicStreamer II behind the monitor. I like this pair a lot for the HD598's. Don't know exactly how much is coming from each component, but the MSII+M-Stage adds a good amount of warmth to the overall sound sig. The mids are even more lush, and the bass doesn't leave me wanting (although I don't listen to bass-heavy genres). Overall, I think this pair helps round out the HD598 and addresses the criticisms of it being...
Here's my first contribution to this thread       And my (relatively) old Nakamichi on an adjacent wall
The Piano Guys - Hits Volume 1  
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