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Posts by Danji Still listed for me. Dont think we can expect a follow-up anytime soon.
More of my portable stuff, that i haven't posted yet i think...     DIYmod Ipod 5.5g (rockboxed) -> FiiO E17 -> FA-3 E (my favourite non-custom inear btw.) - [Spyderco Kiwi]
Thank you, I knew someone would ask about the 1350's ;)   I didn't really use the dt 1350 in this specific setup yet, but as far as pairing them with the E17 - I absolutely love it. It adds that little bit to the mids of the 1350 (while not taking anything away from the clarity), that I sometimes tend to miss and makes an absolutely perfect compliment to them (even more so than the Headstage Arrow which I also have). Only downside, but that is somewhat specific to me, is...
Since I got a couple of PM questions how the Clip+ & E17 look together - here you go... Please don't mind the horrible lighting and camera ;) All buttons of the Clip+ are functional, even with the rubberband - I mainly use playlists, so the restriction of the screen doesn't really bother me. Although this setup sounds pretty damn good, I wont use it that way. Makes no sense using a "big" amp with such a small player. So in reality it will be either: Ipod Classic...
The E9 itself wont play over USB as it's "only" an amplifier. That means you either have to feed it via the line-in connection on the back, e.g. directly from ur Laptop via a 3.5mm cable, or you buy E7/E17 from Fiio and dock it into the E9. In this case the E7/E17 will serve as a DAC, it then uses the data from the USB connection.
Personally i would love to have this feature, as i have a couple of DACs and Amps. It's not really a major flaw but i would come in handy if u also use the E17 as part of ur mobile rig . I use the E9 for bedside listening, atm with a µDAC. The E17 as DAC is a big improvement from the short listening i had till now. I will from now on use the E9+E17 combo, but if for whatever reason I dont have the E17 at home, it would be nice to just use the µDAC then without having to...
I guess he meant the amount of produced units!?
Just a quick question regarding the E9+E17 Combo: is there any way to make the E9 switch to taking the E17 as source without having to unplug the line-in cable on the E9? => if u have a line-in cable connected to the E9, it will always be taken as the source, E17 is not working when docked in.      
  Because the DAC (digital-analog-converter) section needs digital input, most players have only analog line out.
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