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Thanks for your impressions purrin. They're always welcomed. So based on the above, I gather that the OR5 is worth the upgrade with the M7? Is there a significant improvement in the overall sound quality (besides the improvements in soundstaging)?
I'm intrigued. I've been listening to the HD800 with the WA22 (with upgraded tubes of course) and it sounds fabulous, pure joy to listen to.   I'm curious how much more of a step up the GSX MkII is. WebRep   currentVote     noRating noWeight                      
  I have the SWs for my LCD-3 and it is indeed a match made in heaven. In the process of writing up a proper review for the SWs and LCD-3 combo. Stay tuned.
  Completely agree. At first I thought that silver cables may be too much of a good thing on the HD800 but based on my experience with them, the SWs perform exceedingly well with the HD800. The instrument separation, detail, transparency and smoothness goes up a notch and the bass is very controlled i.e. fast, tight and deep - almost stax like. Definitely an improvement over the stock cable (although the stock cable is very good). Highly recommended.
Interested. Do count me in!
PM Sent.
  Get either the Silver Poison or the Silver Widows.   I have the SWs for my LCD-3 and they sound superb together. Will post a review in due time.
  Yep. And they go very well with the 596 tube.
Thanks for the review of the eagerly awaited M7 vs PWD 2. I'm glad to hear both are top notch DACs with neither besting the other.
Guys, you will not believe this amp. The sound is out of this world!!
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