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I have the same combo and indeed the WA22 makes the LCD-3 (and HD800) sing. What tubes are you using in your WA22? The WA22 is particularly sensitive to tube rolling. With the right tubes, prepared to be blown away.
 What a great post! 100% agreed.
Great thread! Definitely looking forward to the reviews and impressions.
Just ordered the vali. I can compare it with my WA22 on the HD800.
 I say bring it on! Very interested in the comparison of a maxxed WES vs KGSShv. Seems like the KGSShv is the one to beat at its price point.
I can also vouch for the WA22 and LCD-3 pairing. Paired together and with the right tubes, the LCD-3s sound liquid, extended and euphoric. A fantastic musical experience. Definitely a good match.
Feeling the excitement for you buddy. Post pictures!
Great first impressions. Would be good if you could let us know if your impressions change after receiving the Mjolnir and WA22.
 I'm using the LCD-3 with the Silver Widow (SW). I can assure you that the SW complements the LCD-3 extremely well. With the SW in the mix and as compared with the stock LCD-3 cables, the mids and the highs are very much improved, with a sweeter and smoother treble. Bass is also more controlled and tighter. Definitely a noticeable improvement over the stock cables and I highly recommend the SWs for the LCD-3.
New Posts  All Forums: