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Well, if its any consolation, I've been waiting 4 months for my cables. I don't mind the wait, because I know Frank will not disappoint.
Subscribed. The X-Sabre DAC seems promising. 
  Looking forward to this comparison as well. 
Welcome to the club :)
Really looking forward to those silver widows Frank 
Nice update Frank. I would rather you take a little more time to produce quality cables and get it right from the start.   Really looking forward to the SWs that are coming my way though 
Does the PWD have a user selectable switch for 120V and 220V operation?
  Will let you know once I receive the SW for my HD800s. 
Been enjoying my HD800 with the WA22 (upgraded tubes) immensely. Strangely enough, ever since I got the HD800, I've haven't had the urge to listen to my LCD-3.
Any word on the release date of the statement schiit?
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