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I have heard the SR-007 mk1 and the SR-009 on the BHSE and I can say that the SR-009 outperforms the SR-007. The SR-007 sounded 'veiled' compared to the SR-009.
Yep. To get the best out of the WA22, you will need to feed it with a true balanced source.
Good news and bad news.   Good news - I received my Vali today, right on target for an extended listening experience with the Vali over the long weekend.   Bad news - Schiit heads sent me the wrong AC power adaptor. Rated at 115V when it should have been 220V.    Looks like I'll have to wait another week to be able to listen to the Vali.
To those who own the Master 5/6/8/9, what are your thoughts in relation to the amplifier's capabilities in terms of detail retrieval, resolution and microdynamics?   In other words, is the amplifier capable of bringing out the utmost micro detail found in good quality recordings that are presented clearly and within their own space (assuming all source equipment have such capabilities)?
 Great stuff. Looking forward to your impressions on the Master 9. From what I've read, it seems like a very promising amp indeed.
Tubes on the WA22 looks about right. 
To clarify, I said that I have heard the lower end audio gd amplifiers and found that they had a 'dark' sound. Come to think of it, it may be due to the pairing with the LCD3 which some consider a 'dark' sounding headphone. Not the best match.. I have not heard the higher end audio gd amps (ie. Master series) so this may not apply to them. Given that DG has heard and compared the M8 to the GSX, I would take her word for it.The Master 9 seems very promising indeed.
 Great Stuff Daniel. Did not see your post before I posted mine. Fully agree with your comments here.  
 Check out this thread for some impressions on the Master 8 vs GSX mkII on the LCD X. I suppose the GSX mkII is often spoken about on these forums because of the hype it is getting due to some prominent headfiers' enthusiastic recommendations. While I have no doubt that the GSX mkII is an excellent SS amplifier, one has to note that the GSX has not been directly compared with the Master...
 Excellent! Looking forward to it.
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