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Tubes on the WA22 looks about right. 
To clarify, I said that I have heard the lower end audio gd amplifiers and found that they had a 'dark' sound. Come to think of it, it may be due to the pairing with the LCD3 which some consider a 'dark' sounding headphone. Not the best match.. I have not heard the higher end audio gd amps (ie. Master series) so this may not apply to them. Given that DG has heard and compared the M8 to the GSX, I would take her word for it.The Master 9 seems very promising indeed.
 Great Stuff Daniel. Did not see your post before I posted mine. Fully agree with your comments here.  
 Check out this thread for some impressions on the Master 8 vs GSX mkII on the LCD X. http://www.head-fi.org/t/692095/ss-amp-recommendations-for-audeze-lcd-x#post_10013160 I suppose the GSX mkII is often spoken about on these forums because of the hype it is getting due to some prominent headfiers' enthusiastic recommendations. While I have no doubt that the GSX mkII is an excellent SS amplifier, one has to note that the GSX has not been directly compared with the Master...
 Excellent! Looking forward to it.
Yeah, I'm keen to know how the Master 9 (or Master 8) compares with other top SS amps too. I read somewhere that the Master 8 sounded very close to the GSX mkII which is quite an accomplishment at half the price.   With my experience with lesser Audio-Gd amps (i.e. NFB10SE), I tend to find that they have a "dark" house sound (e.g. recessed treble) but with excellent depth and soundstage. Wondering if this is true for the Master 8/9?   Would be great if anyone who has...
I have the same combo and indeed the WA22 makes the LCD-3 (and HD800) sing. What tubes are you using in your WA22? The WA22 is particularly sensitive to tube rolling. With the right tubes, prepared to be blown away.
 What a great post! 100% agreed.
Great thread! Definitely looking forward to the reviews and impressions.
Just ordered the vali. I can compare it with my WA22 on the HD800.
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