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 Based on your description and coming from the HD650, I would recommend the LCD-X.
 Yep. This has been my experience as well, or generally long enough for your ears to be able to perceive the subtitle improvements in SQ.
 I see that you now have the LCD3, LCDX and LCDXC. Which one is your all-round favorite if you can only keep one? 
Well, if the Ragnarok is made to be primary a speaker amp, then surely it would be more practical to include a remote function with the Ragnarok? It would be quite an inconvenience if users have to walk up and down to adjust the volume for various songs when using the Ragnarok with speakers. Adding a pre-amp in the chain may help but this is not a good solution to include more components in the chain (likely to degrade the SQ).
Without having to read the whole thread, is there any recommended time that the Vali can be switched on continuously without damaging the amp / tubes?
Yep. Had that problem too when I first got my LCD3 but not to worry, Audeze will take care of you.
I have heard the SR-007 mk1 and the SR-009 on the BHSE and I can say that the SR-009 outperforms the SR-007. The SR-007 sounded 'veiled' compared to the SR-009.
Yep. To get the best out of the WA22, you will need to feed it with a true balanced source.
Good news and bad news.   Good news - I received my Vali today, right on target for an extended listening experience with the Vali over the long weekend.   Bad news - Schiit heads sent me the wrong AC power adaptor. Rated at 115V when it should have been 220V.    Looks like I'll have to wait another week to be able to listen to the Vali.
To those who own the Master 5/6/8/9, what are your thoughts in relation to the amplifier's capabilities in terms of detail retrieval, resolution and microdynamics?   In other words, is the amplifier capable of bringing out the utmost micro detail found in good quality recordings that are presented clearly and within their own space (assuming all source equipment have such capabilities)?
New Posts  All Forums: