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  I had the chance to compare BitPerfect, Audirvana Plus and Amarra Mini over the past 2 weeks and there are indeed audible differences in how each of these players sound.   System used: Power conditioner -> iMac (Lion OSX) with 8 GB RAM -> iTunes (ver 10.5.2) with music players mentioned below - > NFB 10SE -> LCD-3.   All players were set to memory playback and no up-sampling. Software ('freememory') was used to free the memory of my iMac before loading each...
These are extremely light and comfortable cans. No, the drivers do not touch your ears.
Any more impressions of the Master 5 / 6?
I own an iMac and have been using Bit Perfect for the past month or so. In my experience, Bit Perfect is a decent upgrade from iTunes. You will notice the difference in sound quality immediately upon using Bit Perfect (as compared to iTunes). I would say that Bit Perfect is worth its asking price of $5 but not more than that. Recently, I downloaded the trial versions of Audirvana Plus and Amarra. Now imo, Audirvana Plus is a step up from Bit Perfect. It has a clearer,...
How does Fidelia sound compared to Audivana plus? Is there a sonic difference between the two (I note they both use the same iZotope 64 bit SRC)?    I have downloaded the trial versions of Audivana plus and Amarra and I note that Amarra's SQ is better as compared to Audivana plus in my system. I'm interested in your thoughts on Fidelia's SQ.  
  Me too. The more I listen to the 10SE, the more I love how it sounds. After having it for nearly a month, its sound has finally stabilized due to burn in (I don't leave the unit on 24/7). It's a very neutral and revealing system. As I upgrade the links in my system, I can hear the differences immediately. I'll highly recommend the 10SE for a budget of up to $1k. For incredibly detailed, neutral and analog sound, it is hard to beat.
looking forward to those impressions.  
Is there any differences in SQ with the Amarra Full and Amarra Mini (besides the 384 kHz support)? Amarra Mini is on promo now at $195. Seems like a much better deal compared with the $700 Amarra Full.   Should I go for the Amarra Mini instead of the Full? Would I be missing out on any important features or SQ which the Full might offer?
Keep those impressions coming! Looking forward to more impressions on the Master 5 & 6. It is on my shortlist as well.
Excellent pic! Can totally feel that mood from the pic.  
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