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Is there any differences in SQ with the Amarra Full and Amarra Mini (besides the 384 kHz support)? Amarra Mini is on promo now at $195. Seems like a much better deal compared with the $700 Amarra Full.   Should I go for the Amarra Mini instead of the Full? Would I be missing out on any important features or SQ which the Full might offer?
Keep those impressions coming! Looking forward to more impressions on the Master 5 & 6. It is on my shortlist as well.
Excellent pic! Can totally feel that mood from the pic.  
Thanks for taking the time to post your experience of the OR 4 and 5 in comparison to the Audiophellio. Seems like the OR is better after all.  Just a question - i do not see the OR 5 in the list of products on Empirical Audio's site, only the OR 4. Has the OR 5 been released for sale yet? How much does the OR 5 cost?
I'm interested in picking up a Super 7. If anyone has a change of mind and would like to give up his spot, shoot me a PM. I'll be happy to take his place. 
so how does it sound? How long does the batteries last?
This list is just insane and all in 1 year to boot. So in your opinion, which of those mentioned above is your best purchase of the year (i.e. once you have it you just cannot live without it)?  
  Do these viabration damping feet improve the sound at all? I mean, is there really a noticable difference with and without the isonode?  
I think the HE-400 is a bargain at that price and will probably suit those with a $400 budget. However, if you expect the HE-400 to best the LCD-2s or even the HE-500/6, then you should really re-consider.
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