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The O2 seems to be an excellent portable amp and matches well with the Audezes. I have placed my order for the O2 and will be testing it with my LCD-3. Will post my impressions once I have listened to them.
Are there any more mass orders open for the O2? Or anyone who's taking orders in building these kits? I'd like to get one as well but can't seem to find any information on these. Would appreciate a PM with the Order details.
wow the L3000s are beautiful!
Purrin, now that you've heard the HD700, how does it compare to the W3000ANV (i.e. how would you describe the sonic differences of these cans)? Which sounds better out of a portable rig / iPod? I'm looking for a good pair of traveling cans and am considering both of these.  
I've downloaded the trial version of Fidelia and have been impressed with the way it sounds. It considerably narrows the gap in SQ between Audirvana Plus and Amarra. Sound is closer to Amarra but Amarra still has an edge in the transparency of vocals, presents a more analog sound and slightly deeper bass notes. However, the bass sounds tighter and better defined on Fidelia.
Me too. I'd really like to know how the new D2 stacks up against players in the $3-4k territory. The D2 seems like an excellent value. 
Thanks for the updates!
Seriously considering this. I wonder how the DAC compares to others such as the likes of the Zodiac Gold and Invicta.
Interested. PM sent!
So these are definately a keeper for you Rob? Do you feel the W3000ANV are better than the T1 and DX-1000? Would you be looking at doing a full review of the W3000ANV shortly?   VERY tempted with the W3000ANV. Should I take the plunge?    
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