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Thanks for the updates!
Seriously considering this. I wonder how the DAC compares to others such as the likes of the Zodiac Gold and Invicta.
Interested. PM sent!
So these are definately a keeper for you Rob? Do you feel the W3000ANV are better than the T1 and DX-1000? Would you be looking at doing a full review of the W3000ANV shortly?   VERY tempted with the W3000ANV. Should I take the plunge?    
Lars, how does the Ref 7.1 pair with the Master 6? This is a combo which i am seriously considering. Do you consider this paring to be the most resolving, natural and transparent which you have heard?   Still waiting for someone to do a proper review of the Master 5 / 6.
Great news! Looking forward to more impressions.
I don't re-start my Mac before loading Amarra (or any other players for that matter). I only use the app to clear/cleanup the memory before I load the players and when I find that the available memory drops to 2.5 GB or less (I usually have a total of 6+GB available). The app that I use is called 'Free Memory'. It's available for free on the Apple app store.   With Amarra, I experience some occassional skipping of music with the playback of 16-bit tracks. However, when I...
  Thanks for sharing your experience with Amarra. Personally i think that freeing the computer's memory (before each listening session) helps somewhat in minimising the gliches with Amarra, although skips during playback still occur. I did experience Amarra hanging a couple of times when I tried to playback high resolution tracks tho.  
  I had the chance to compare BitPerfect, Audirvana Plus and Amarra Mini over the past 2 weeks and there are indeed audible differences in how each of these players sound.   System used: Power conditioner -> iMac (Lion OSX) with 8 GB RAM -> iTunes (ver 10.5.2) with music players mentioned below - > NFB 10SE -> LCD-3.   All players were set to memory playback and no up-sampling. Software ('freememory') was used to free the memory of my iMac before loading each...
These are extremely light and comfortable cans. No, the drivers do not touch your ears.
New Posts  All Forums: