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SW is purely a silver cable mixed with some elements of gold content. So it is not OCC or UPOCC as those are terms used to describe the purity of the copper cable.
Looks like an awesome event. Think i'll pop down on Sunday. May bring my HD800 to sample the gear with.
 Great to hear. Do let us know your thoughts of the M9 and how it compares to the GSX mkII.
7 days is really quick. I suppose he has some units of the M9 that has already been built and tested. Based on my experience, A-Gd takes approximately 2 to 2.5 weeks to build, test and ship if they run out of available stock for the Master series.   Good thing though, you'll have a new system just in time for Christmas.
Actually, I think the M9 has buttons for the volume control. The picture used on the website seems to be an older model and not the M9. Better to drop an email to Kingwa to confirm this.   Good to hear more people picking up the M9. Hopefully we will see some impressions soon.
 Excellent points. I concur, the WA22 and the HD800 make for an excellent match, especially with the right set of tubes. Having purchased the Vali recently, I can also recommend the Vali with the HD800. While the Vali may not be as neutral sounding as the WA22, it comes surprisingly close. From a value perspective, its hard to beat given the cost of the Vali as compared to the WA22 and upgraded tubes.
Does the ACSS cables really make a difference as compared to using balanced interconnects on the master dac/amp setup?
Thanks for taking the time to post an initial review of the master 9. I believe you're the first to do so. Give the amp a good 300 hours to burn in and you'll notice good improvements in the sound quality. Audio gd products need to be burned in for some time before they perform their best. IMO of course.
Great stuff guys. Pity I couldn't be there!
 Agreed. The new Schiit Vali pairs extremely well especially with the HD800 and a good source. I spent the last couple of days listening to the HD800 with the Master 7 and Vali and was surprised how good the sound was. So good that I did not miss my WA22 (which also pairs very well with the HD800 for that matter). For those with the HD800 and on a budget, I say get the Vali and with the $$$ saved, invest that into a top-class DAC. You will not be disappointed.
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