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 Ah, so there is a fuse there after all. I was afraid to use force in case I break anything. Thanks Justin.
Question - is there a replaceable fuse on the back of the GSX, just where the power cord is connected? It seems like it but it doesn't seem to open.
No driver updates for Mac users? 
Have not been following this thread closely, but has there been any release of new flagship Toxic interconnects? May be looking to purchase some interconnects in the near future..   Been a satisfied customer of Toxic Cables (the silver widows have been excellent on my LCD-3 and HD 800) and have used the Silver Poison cables for the internal wiring of my DAC. Now to complete the chain with some Toxic interconnects.    Frank, Feel free to PM me with the interconnect...
 Acquired one locally (first batch of GSX mkII) so I didn't have to suffer the long wait. However, I will tell you that your wait will be worthwhile. The GSX sings  
 Thanks! The M7 scales up well with the GSX (which I'm sure you know) . Now all I need is the offramp to take things up to the next level.  
 Black seems to be the most popular choice yet! 
Am now a proud owner of a GSX MkII. First impressions are very positive - great control, dynamics and separation with tight, tuneful bass.   Sounds like this amp is extremely transparent to the source. Indeed, a great amp. 
That's a great amp! It's not too well known here on headfi as its hand built in Japan I believe. Heard it once at a meet and I was pretty impressed with it.   How does it sound with the Abyss?
 My bad, have edited my post.  Thanks. I've read Jude's first impressions of the Ragnarok and it does sound promising. Still waiting for a M9 vs Ragnarok comparison. Both amps have great price vs value proposition with end game solid state performance. Very very tempting. Wonder if we'll see a M10 by the end of this year. 
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