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Nice review and great effort on the comparison between Q and Toxic Cables. I have not heard Q cables but I do agree that silver cables generally pair better with the LCD 3 given its character. I, too, have the SW for my LCD 3 and have found it to be a wonderful pairing. It brings out the air, sparkle and added detail in the higher frequencies while still maintaining deep, tight bass which is not overpowering. The SW are very balanced cables which complements the LCD 3...
I would be skeptical if I heard that last week Since I got the audio art power cable, I am now a believer. It has transformed my system from 'high end' to 'end game'. Just as you said, a whole new level. So great a difference it made that I'm going to replace all the cords in my system to the higher audio art SE model.Nordost Odin? I shudder to think..
 Initial impressions, the GSX has more of most things. More transparency; separation and micro-detail, deeper bass; more textures in bass notes, more dynamics, including micro-dynamics. Surprisingly, the GSX has an incredible sweetness to the upper frequencies, almost tube-like and very unlike most SS amps I've heard (this is testament to a well designed SS amp). That being said, the WA22, with the right tubes, isn't a slouch either. The WA22 has that tube lushness in the...
Having joined the gsx mk ii club recently, I will say that it is definitely worth the wait. All the talk of the amp being one of the very best is not hyperbole. I have never heard my HD800 sound this good in my setup. Indeed, the gsx mk ii is transparent to the source and you will be rewarded if your source components are up to scratch. Heck, I was pleasantly surprised that even a recent change in the powercable of my DAC yielded very positive change to the overall SQ of...
 Great news! We're very close now. 
 Nope. All is good! Just wanted to try replacing the fuse with the hi-fi tuning fuse I have on hand to see if it makes an audible difference. What fuse rating would be optimum for 230V power rating?  (I'm probably going to get blasted for this but it did make an audible difference in my WA22. Just saying..)
 Ah, so there is a fuse there after all. I was afraid to use force in case I break anything. Thanks Justin.
Question - is there a replaceable fuse on the back of the GSX, just where the power cord is connected? It seems like it but it doesn't seem to open.
No driver updates for Mac users? 
Have not been following this thread closely, but has there been any release of new flagship Toxic interconnects? May be looking to purchase some interconnects in the near future..   Been a satisfied customer of Toxic Cables (the silver widows have been excellent on my LCD-3 and HD 800) and have used the Silver Poison cables for the internal wiring of my DAC. Now to complete the chain with some Toxic interconnects.    Frank, Feel free to PM me with the interconnect...
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