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 Excellent points. I concur, the WA22 and the HD800 make for an excellent match, especially with the right set of tubes. Having purchased the Vali recently, I can also recommend the Vali with the HD800. While the Vali may not be as neutral sounding as the WA22, it comes surprisingly close. From a value perspective, its hard to beat given the cost of the Vali as compared to the WA22 and upgraded tubes.
Does the ACSS cables really make a difference as compared to using balanced interconnects on the master dac/amp setup?
Thanks for taking the time to post an initial review of the master 9. I believe you're the first to do so. Give the amp a good 300 hours to burn in and you'll notice good improvements in the sound quality. Audio gd products need to be burned in for some time before they perform their best. IMO of course.
Great stuff guys. Pity I couldn't be there!
 Agreed. The new Schiit Vali pairs extremely well especially with the HD800 and a good source. I spent the last couple of days listening to the HD800 with the Master 7 and Vali and was surprised how good the sound was. So good that I did not miss my WA22 (which also pairs very well with the HD800 for that matter). For those with the HD800 and on a budget, I say get the Vali and with the $$$ saved, invest that into a top-class DAC. You will not be disappointed.
I have been listening to the Vali with the HD800 on my main rig the past couple of days and I don't miss my WA22.   The Vali is exceptionally good for its price. Great detail, micro dynamics and smooth.    While there are things the WA22 does better, the Vali is serious competition for its price.   Will post more impressions when I get to compare both properly.
 The GSX mkII was compared to the M8 at the meet.
 How's the pairing of the M7 with the M8? I'm considering a similar combo, for the LCD3 and HD800.
Well, to be fair, people will always want the newest and greatest. While its true that A-Gd releases a new product every other month or two, it is not so frequent that their top-end line (i.e. Master series amps) get updated, I would say probably after a year or two for any major changes to the design.    The drop in resale value will happen to headamp products too, once the GSX mkIII is out or when Gilmore comes up with a better design. The simple fact that the GSX...
 Based on your description and coming from the HD650, I would recommend the LCD-X.
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