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I get the 2 channel bit. However, that fails to consider that due to a lack of space / rooms / budget and the increasing adoption of home theatre, there are many who use their gear primarily for 2 channel listening and secondary as a home theatre. The home theatre bypass feature in a preamp would be crucial for such users. I view this as a missed opportunity as this would be a deal breaker for such consumers, regardless of the price.
 Definitely. Power supply and power cords make significant and audible differences in audio. I have experimented with a few power cords with excellent results on the Yiggy. I've settled on one which unfortunately costs almost as much as the Yiggy but is the perfect cord for the Yiggy IMO and well worth the improvements to me. There will always be naysayers and sceptics on this topic but if anyone is keen, PM me for details.   
Given the compactness of Magni and Modi multibit, why not build an integrated portable amp/dac, which can rival Chord's Hugo?  
Great stuff. Looking forward to Schiit's 2 channel releases this year! 
Looking forward to Schiit's end game preamp, Jason. Exactly what I need in my setup!    Even at $4000 for the stack, its already a steal if it competes well with other 'high end' products. No need to cut down on quality parts.
I'm using the GSX Mk II solely as a preamp in my Hifi setup and it sounds really really good, even as a preamp. I've even compared it to an audio research ref 5SE preamp and while the 5SE was better, the GSX compared very favourably irrespective of the price differential. My only wish for the GSX as a preamp is for a volume bypass function, but then again, the GSX was primarily made to function as a headphone amp and not as a preamp.
 Would you share the digital interconnect used? I'd be keen to know your findings re comparisons of digital interconnects and audible differences. 
Ordered myself a yiggy after hearing one at Canjam Singapore. Really looking forward to it!
Awesome pictures and updates! Keep em coming!
Gonna be there too! Really glad to finally be able to attend a canjam! 
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