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 Would you share the digital interconnect used? I'd be keen to know your findings re comparisons of digital interconnects and audible differences. 
Ordered myself a yiggy after hearing one at Canjam Singapore. Really looking forward to it!
Awesome pictures and updates! Keep em coming!
Gonna be there too! Really glad to finally be able to attend a canjam! 
 Agreed. I was hoping there would be some way to play SACDs via the Yiggy.. looks like the SACD player will have to stick around. 
 Thanks Amos.  How does one get to order the black edition of the Yiggy? it looks fab!
 Is SACD playback supported via OPPO 105 through the Yiggy?
Looking for a pair of Wywire Red Cables for LCD3 or HD800 in 4 pin XLR.   If you have one for sale, do PM me with price.   Cheers!
 Just catching up with this thread and am responding to an older post. A solid 2 channel speaker amp built upon the design and concept of the Rag (i.e. balanced circlotron topology) that can output over 350W is high up on my wist list for Schiit. While there may be other manufacturers in this category, I think many may not even come close to the sound quality, at a reasonable price, that has gave Schiit its success over the past 5 years. I think if Schiit can design an...
Thanks Paul. Your impressions were very helpful. I look forward to seeing what Fang can do with these beauties. 
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