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  Are those the monoprice glass monitor stands?   here's a place near NYU if you wanna check it out.
I'm curious if there is a budget DAC that pairs well with the HD 800's like the Vali does as an amp.   Basically I'm asking if there is a "Vali-like" DAC in terms of price and performance.   I know I won't get the most out of the senns but I would like to know if there is such a DAC.   Thanks for any suggestions. 
I'm looking to sell my iPad Air as I cannot afford to keep it anymore.    The box and accessories are included.    It is in like new condition. I have only owned it for 3 weeks or so.   I will post pictures upon request.   PM me with offers or questions.   Price does not include shipping.
PM sent.
I am selling the DX50 I bought from these forums. I was told it was from the 3rd batch.   Everything is in good cosmetic condition. There are no issues with playback or scanning media files.   Everything is included. Accessories and packaging that came with the original shipment.     Feel free to PM with questions or offers.     Andy
I am looking for $125 for these pair of IEM in good condition.   I am the second owner.    It does not come with the stock cable as I replaced it with a Jaben ES8 cable instead.   Tips and accessories are included.   Please feel free to PM me with questions or offers.   Price includes shipping.   Andy
I'm looking to offload my laptop as I do not need it anymore.   The model is the one without the dedicated GPU.   It has 256 PCIe SSD and 8GB of memory. i7 CPU.   It is in like new condition. I have only used it lightly for 1 month.   I'm looking for $1550 including shipping but not paypal fees.   Let me know if you have any questions about the product.   Andy
What is the battery we can buy to replace it or switch when it runs out? The s2 or s3 battery? What's the maximum charge it can take?   Thanks!
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