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I'm looking for a Fiio X5 in good working condition. Willing to pay $310 Shipped. Thanks,  Andy
Pm sent
Looking for a used AK120 II for $1100.   PM me with offer and condition.   Thanks,     Andy
Looking to sell my Schiit Modi (USB) and Schiit Wyrd as a package.   Both units were bought directly from Schiit's website.   In like-new condition, Used for only 2 weeks.   Comes with original packaging and accessories.   Includes RCA PYST cable for free!   Looking for $200 shipped and paypal fees included.     PM me with questions or offers.
The Valhalla 2 is also in like-new condition. I am the second owner. It works fine and includes all original accessories.   I am looking for $290 for it.       The prices are shipping inclusive but not for paypal fees.   PM me with any questions about prices or condition.
There should be a system information in the advanced settings and it should be listed there.
Anyone have news of the firmware that is supposed to come out for the USB DAC functionality for 64bit Windows?   Just asking since it was supposed to come after the National Days in China which already has passed.   Thanks.
Also anyone have a good recommendation for a DAP for the 8's?
Just got the 8's right now.   Just a quick question.   The earpieces are suppose to swivel around the connection of the cable right?
Has the USB DAC driver come out yet?
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