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using the gr07 and the brainwavs phones as a measuring stick. I'd say they're worth about 50-80 USD.   while different in sound than the mh1c and arguably better (depending on what aspect of sound you're using for judgement), I'd still put it in the same price bracket.
THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is what I've been waiting for.
call it blasphemy if you want but if any of you ventured into the fullsize headphone world.... the subbass on this is sexier than the classic denon line of headphones.   it's also quite detailed. haven't heard the drums and bass in Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" sound like these before.     EDIT. dear headphone gods! i just started thinking of my d2k's sound and realized.... once you adjust for the soundstage difference between headphones and...
ok. I don't think I can give these a critical listen.   On more than several occasions I've thought: "this song has a bassline?" well. not exactly. I've know there's a bassline but it was something I could forego and still enjoy the song. now the bassline is soooo sexy and seductive I can't listen to the sames songs without it.   I'm most impressed by two aspects of this little diamond. 1. the bass is more elevated than that on my gr07 (as expected) yet...
oh nooooos.
i'll start sprinkling thoughts. without burn in. they sound like fx40 with thicker mids
I'm scared to post my thoughts. And thanks NICK!!!
try the fxz100 instead???
These descriptions sealed the deal. Now I'm just waiting for eke's "confirmation". I do have a few questions about your descriptions though. When you mention the following: but in evaluating the bass response as a whole (texturing, clarity, speed, timbre, PRaT, etc.), I didn't get the sense it was miles more impressive than what I've heard from other high quality dynamic/dual dynamic, hybrid, or even multi-BA drivers.  The GR07 MKII's bass more than holds it's own in...
don't forget to consider whether you like a good amount of (sub)bass if you want the mh1c.
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