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soooooo. who wants to sell me a fxz100 on the down low..... Or better yet. someone in the U.S. wanna send it to me to audition and see if I'll go ahead and purchase them?
  Holy heavens! I have to get them then. As soon as the funds are available, I will be making a purchase. I didn't want an iem with more subbass than the mh1c BUT. These descriptions make them sound too unique in presentation not to try them at the very least.
really? interesting. If so few are at the top of their price brackets, why are there sooo many iem recommendations?   Oh well. I'll let you know when the purchase spree begins.
Holy wow. is it greater than the mh1c in quantity? cuz I'd rather it not be like that. Somewhere close to fx40 level is preferable. I wouldn't even mind if it's somewhere between the fx40 and mh1c. Again, I'm speaking in terms of QUANTITY.
I've been listening to my gr07's for sooo long. I picked up the r1 today. My thought. WHY DO THEY HAVE SOO MUCH BASS??? Then I said. Oh yeaaaah. That's why I enjoyed dubstep with them. But. the mids are recessed. and it's not clear. the highs. i don't know how to describe them. but. they suck. definitely still impressed by the soundstage though.   And then I picked up the fx40. Aaaahhh. bass is better. pleasant and thick but not overdone like the...
Resurrecting this thread so I can get more recommendations. You can't possible tell me that's all the top iems at headfi?
Just curious. Anyone in possession of either the fxz100 or 200 care to compare the bass/subbass levels to the fx40 or mh1c?
sooooo.... my question still stands.   subbass level on fxz100 and fxz200 versus mh1c. No doubt the quality is supremely superior but quantity wise how do they stack up just to have a common reference point. you know what? toss in fxt90 and fx40 too. same thing. just the subbass quantity.
Ok. Here's the deal. Sometime in the next 3 months I will be purchasing tons of great iems for the sake of comparison and finally sticking to one. The thing though is. I want to divide them in price brackets so I know which ones to treat anyhow and which ones to treat like a newborn babe.   I need up to 10 recommendations for the first 2 price brackets, 5 from the next two, and 3 from the others.   First bracket: $0-15 Second bracket: $16-45 Third bracket:...
looking forward to the comparison. especially the mh1c and gr02 BE
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