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who wants to exchange an mkII for a bass edition just to hear the differences?
Well. bad news. After using the mt300 for about two weeks, I go "hmmm. whatever happened to that mh1c?" So. fired up some tracks and laid in my bed for some listening time.   I like the mh1c's sound better. It's more balanced. The bass/subbass is lower in quantity and the mids are more present. The difference was striking since I had come to think of the mt300 mids as flat. Now I'm more inclined to say recessed. The experience is similar to when I received my...
jvc fx40 and tdk mt300 should be on your short list
wow. If they share more than just the housing, then all who currently own the mt300 now know they have $50 earphones :-D
Ugh. still haven't posted that comparison I mentioned but bottom line. The gr07 "distract" me with music. The mt300 is flat-ish and enjoyable without sucking me in.   The words "distract" and "flat-ish" refer mostly to the mids. If I listen to the gr07 first before the mt300 it seems like the mids just ran from the front row to the 5th. And if I listen to the mt300 first before the gr07, it's like they came from the second row to absolutely no distance between...
jvc fxt90 jvc fx40 tdk mt300
if I were a god. I'd say.... "'eke. How dare you keep me waiting?" then and a :-P expression at the end to sound pleasant.
perhaps your ears/brains finally adjusted???? stop listening to them for a week and then put them back on :-P
Ok. OK. Despite knowing it will fall short, I'll stop enjoying and do a critical listen later this evening between this little wonder and my gr07 mkii.   Honestly though. I'm looking forward to eric comparing them to the fxz100. yes, I said it.
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