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Before you returned them, or if you remember. what were the sound differences between the two (BE and fxz200)?
the hype forces shall not keep this hidden
lol. yeah. They aren't bad. I promise. But I'm not using them much. And since it was given to me, I don''t mind passing them on to another.
I think it did. I accidentally ordered another one about two weeks ago and it was completely different from my first pair. Both were MKIIs. Haven't received the bass editions yet.
Who in the US wants an mt300? free of charge.
Ha. yes. that's why I didn't touch the 8320 after my first day of use. The 9927, on the other hand, is more comfortable because of the rubber finish and it comes with 2 extra tips and a box. Plus it's black! All for only a few cents more than the original 8320 cost. But please. let's focus on the mt300 here :-P
I forgot how good the monoprice was. It's seriously good. Haven't taken it off my ears since I got them. Did a quick switch to the mt300 and there is a definite difference. I can't say them yet because I put the monoprice back in. But the instantly noticeable difference is that the monoprice sounds whole while the mt300 sounds disjointed. Like there's a hole between the bass and the treble. And the subbass emphasis becomes very evident because the monoprice is...
Ha! Just to add to inline's thoughts. I left off saying something along the lines of : "Now I'm off to try to deal with the mh1c cable while moving."   End result. The mh1c stays by my bed.   I also said the mt300 mids sound recessed in comparison to mh1c. I revert that to my original assessment. It is flat. I only thought it was recessed because I didn't volume match (the mh1c is harder to drive). But. the mh1c does have an edge as inline said.   Unlike...
Ha. I've been wondering the same for several weeks now.
      Out of curiosity. Have you two found iems that overcome these shortcomings?
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