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agreed   P.S. there was a time when i used to analyze my albums with mp3gain and it would show clipping with a lot of the newer hip hop albums. back then i said "waaaah? clipping? no waaaay? i NEVER hear any clipping."   listening to those same albums with the HM5s and now i go "woah. it was right."
  uuuumm. sooo.   this may sound strange but how can i increase the clamp force? the placement of my ears requires my right earcups in ANY headphone/earphone that i use to be just a tad tiny teensy bit closer.   i was fine before but 6 nights of sleeping with them on has squished the cushion enough to not clamp as tight on the side that i sleep on (right). that extra teensy bit of clamp that i need to push the cups closer. any help?
is it me? or is the treble on these getting better and more level with the rest of the spectrum over time where at first they seemed just a bit back? meaning. are they getting even more neutral vs first few hours of use? cuz it seems that way to me. soundstage grew a tad too.   and holy smokes. i forgot about that coupon. been a fan for quite some time and haven't used it. well. the time will come i suppose.
Brainwavz HM5. anything with audio output. (maybe throw in two e5s depending on how loud i want to go).
interesting analysis.
you're thinking too hard. i've worn them out a couple times. ppl told me they look sexy. once they were laying on a table. random guy walks by and says "woah! where'd you get theeeese?" in a "oh my gosh these look sooo awesome" tone.   just saying...     P.S. "Fela: Original Broadway Cast Recording" (one of my favorite albums) actually sounds live-ish through these.  
i ordered from mp4nation, not amazon. all the pre-orders going to the US were shipped from amazon.  do you at least have tracking information? but. you know the little messaging/help thing that pops up in the corner on their website? ask about your shipment there. or open a support ticket. they might have a better idea of what's going on.  
for those worried about clamp force. don't worry about it. it loosens up soooo much from use.  somehow it still stays on your head without even feeling like it'll drop. but it gets soooo soft and comfy.
holy shizzzzzz. watching a movie. i think i can hear the camera crew/other cast members chatting in the background.\ either way, it's voices that aren't supposed to be in the the scenes.   edit. just kidding. they were meant to be there. i just never heard them before.
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