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yep. yep. raz said on facebook that they just ran out. evidence of how good they are? hmmmmmm??????
bassline on michael jackson's "black or white" sounds godly like this.
don't forget to let us know how satisfied you are.  
i assume you only use them at the PC then?    
not a basshead that loves bass and listens to rap? you're like me except i listen to waaaay more than rap. anywayz. what they said.   keep in mind these are supposed to be neutral headphones. if these are your first good pair of phones and you're not satisfied with the bass. go for the fiio. for me, the bass boost colors the sound too much but you will most likely be satisfied if these are your "first" unless you're doing careful listening.
aahh. so the 9db increase wasn't that bad then? but i'll stick to 6. works for all music i listen to. and for illustrative purposes, the 6 db low shelf at 60 hz and 1.8 bandwidth looks more like only about 40 hz and below reach the 6 db increase. 40 hz to 100 hz gradually and equally reduce in db increase from 6 to 0. here. a picture is worth a thousand words, they say.     and yes. i did adjust for the boost. (-5.5)  and no. i wouldn't try it for higher...
Panasonic RP-HTF600 from what i've heard owners say
lol. i'm using electri-q. and yes. 9 db was overkill. stayed with 6. at first there was distortion but then i switched the q to 1.8 with a -1db precut and all it does. literally. is gradually boost everything below 100 hz without affecting the rest of the spectrum a little bit.    bass quitars and cellos sound good now.
Quote:   HAHA. i reeeeally don't want to think i am. my justification for those settings is THIS    
ok guys. i love these headphones. seriously. kept playing with EQ. they respond soooo well.   because of my perception of sound and the fact that i don't want to have to turn my music up too loud before i hear the subbass. my ears need caressing if they are to live long :-)   so. finally settled with a low shelf at 60 hz and a q of 1. db increase to my liking were 6 and 9 depending on music genre. hip/hop, rap, dubstep, electronic, the like =...
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