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I'll rephrase that question.Have you found ONE iem that solves ALL THREE of these issues?
If he's going for 06, he'd be better served with 02BE
Bit of interesting news for you europeans. Here Ya Go.   http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/1/3940318/sony-xperia-z--release-date-february-28th-uk-pre-orders-include-free-headphones
gr02 BE. brainwavz m5.
the XB90 has SIGNIFICANTLY more bass than the fxt90. I didn't like it for that reason so I'm anticipating it won't be a good choice.
What did you not like about the x10? That might help narrow down your choices.
ha! I hope you didn't mention that in the jvc thread. And if you did. You're a brave soul.     Side note: I hope more people who feel the gr07 mkII could use a bit more bass get the chance to try the bass editions.
Before you returned them, or if you remember. what were the sound differences between the two (BE and fxz200)?
the hype forces shall not keep this hidden
lol. yeah. They aren't bad. I promise. But I'm not using them much. And since it was given to me, I don''t mind passing them on to another.
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