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Those aspects were already ok on the xba-3 for me. The mids though... Thus the gr07 BE
sfwalcer.   mainly because you have the 200.   If the Brainwavz m5 I'll be getting are satisfactory, I just might allow eke to send them to you. they say you don't know what you got till it's gone, but I think in my case it'll be when it returns.
oh dear. BE's cheaper? every single time that instinct tells me to wait a month and I refuse the iem I wanted gets cheaper. Oh well.
low-ender. have you tried the panasonic htf600?
A two month old Gr07. The MKII version. - $115*** It's become redundant in my mini-arsenal of iem's so I'm getting rid of it. The package will be missing the ear gliders, foam tips, and one or two tips because I can't find the bag that holds them.   Everything else is included. I'll post pics as soon as I can.   ***Price does not include shipping.   *cable is dark grey (greenish) now. pics to come.
sounds like a good time for a Canadian to horde up on them and resell to Americans/internationals???
wow. this thread exploded. I only peeked cuz I saw my name.
those O's are 0's by the way   glad you like 'em.
  Take your time man. Don't be blown away by "new toy syndrome"     But between eke and mochill and soon wayne, this iem will finally start getting some attention. I'm sure many would prefer them if they had enough impressions/reviews to go on.
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