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ummmmm. I just realized. you won't be getting tips. Unless eke decided to send them. I only sent the earphones cuz he already had the gr07 mkII and the tips are the same. soooooo. yeah.
lol. cool. in that case. judge them pre and post additional burn in will ya? Just don't break 'em :-P
FiiO E6 AMP. Opened but unused. Price includes shipping.
you might also be used to unrealistic boosted bass. I promise you after listening to your BE's for a few days, your fx3x will sound much worse than you remembered and bass overdone and uncontrolled.
has eke released his official statement of endorsement yet?
whaaaaaaat?????!!!!! an HE-500?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! duuuuuuuuuude. is it yours to keep? cuz if it is. I'll start scheming on how to rob you of it. I know where you live
wow. I see the BE's continue to draw more attention even though they've been in existence for quite a while. Head-fi just likes to wait for the right person to own things, huh?
sale pending
Those aspects were already ok on the xba-3 for me. The mids though... Thus the gr07 BE
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