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If bought from mp4nation, they usually mark it as gift and declare a reeeal low value
reposting. cable is greenish now so I reduced the price.
New XBA3-iP Box opened.   IEM unused.
     Wow. you're blessed.     Try using the iems (once you believe your burn-in is fine) for a whole week or two. Then switch back to one the 215's. Maybe you'll notice the differences then.   Since you said it's only obvious when the sound of fairly high then it definitely has to do with the gain and sensitivity. Also means the source equipment is not as clean as you thought it was. P.S. I'm no expert. Only stating from what I have observed in my past.
If it happened with the m2's but not speakers or beats then it is not a fault of the iem. The two are probably more sensitive so too much gain will show up as hiss. 
I started with the m2's (well, techincally the proalphas). enjoyed them so much I bought as gifts for friends who were into beats iems and "converted" them. these BE's will make the m2's sound like straight up S**T (pardon my french). not exaggerating either. As good as they m2's were, you'll realize the m2's belong in the cheapo category for a reason.   and please. YOU CAN'T HAVE 'EM!!!
oh crap. was I smoking or drinking when I said that? Uuuuuummmm. might have to retract that statement and add "for a low low price". or reduce the number to 3ish.     or who knows. might be feeling good in May and do just what i first said. hahaaaaaaa. you have to wait and see. :-P
Wow. That ended wrong. Multi post but cool
Glad tidings you posters bring. Spread the love. Sometime in may (if nothing better comes), I'll buy like 5 or 10 and ship them to well respected as well as random headfi members. These deserve more attention. I originally got them cuz there were soooo few opinions of them. More is great. Oh and master troll. Review with this song please. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSVhz1laO5w
New Posts  All Forums: