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fantastic! over time, these are sure to attract more head-fiers since the god of iem reviews finally has thoughts on them.
joker. might want to change the 3A30 you have for the BE to 2A30. confused my search function for a second there till I spotted the error.
  oooh my BE's. without yooooouuuuu.....
Niiiice. I've been waiting for those. Hopefully they live up to the expectations. If not, gotta stick with BE's for a looooong time.   P.S. By saying "waiting for those" I really mean waiting for eke's impressions/review of those.
what you will find is that bass is different from bass. I was actually listening to my BE's and stopped by a friend's house (who has the solo HD). So I said, hmm. Let's listen to these beats shall we?   I couldn't keep them on for more than 30 seconds. So I had to judge them with different songs in 30 second intervals. The quality of sound has that much of a drastic difference. But since you're more interested in the bass, you'll realize that the beats do not...
lowered price
xba-3ip is up for sale for any interested. the 3ip is the same as the 3 sound wise but has a regular y split instead of j and has talk/volume controls for apple devices.
it's a Fiio E6. Package opened but product unused. The $25 includes shipping.
I had all at the same time. Bass on XBA-3 does not compare to even the GR07 MKII, not to mention the BE. MH1C definitely has the most bass/subbass but it is slow and the quantity is unnecessary. And thanks for the write up Master Troll (AKA sfwalcer). A mighty fine job. Looking forward to the return of my precious.  
I'd recommend the the gr07 BE's.  Read through the gr07 BE thread for the facts on comparisons. I'm certain someone there owns the BA200 as well and can give you a proper comparison.
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