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At the end of the day, I'm not impressed by these. Definitely prefer the piston 3.0 to the hybrids. I've given it enough time, I think, and I'm not seeing any more changes. True the highs opened up just a bit more, but I was looking for a change in the mids. I'll sell my pair to anyone in the US who wants it for $15 without packaging. Just iem and extra stock tips.   PM me if you're interested. I'll also post it in the for sale thread soon.
By the way. To me, other than tiny technicalities that you won't notice unless you're reeeeally listening for them, there doesn't seem to be a sonic difference between the regular Piston 3's and the cheaper Youth Editions.  That is all.
Short and to the point. Coming form the piston 3's and piston 3 YE, these are definitely dark OOTB. They sound technically better, but the balance of sound isn't to my liking. Leaving them to just play music through for the next few days. If they don't open up more/get brighter/reveal more mids, I'll sell them to who wants them (in the US) for $15 without packaging since they won't fit my listening preference.
Should be getting mine soon. I'm also curious what the graph looks like if Inks wouldn't mind testing it again after hours of "use".
After half an hour of comparison between the two Piston 3 Youth Editions that I got, it's clear the sounds are different. They're so cheap though ($9) I'm going to order another one to see. Only downside is it might take a month to get to me, but it'll be good to see if it's a QA issue. I'm actually pleased with the highs and mids of the white YE's, but it's missing the bass impact I've come to enjoy from both the piston 2.0 and 3.0. Unfortunately I also find that...
Sooooo. either I got a dud, or what they've been saying about the YE's and the piston 3's being the same driver is completely wrong. It's like the sound focus flipped positions with piston 3's drawing your focus to bass and YE's revealing more mids and treble.   Edit: YEP. It's a dud. I bought two since they were so cheap. A black and a white one. There's sibilance and "neutral" bass in the white one.  The black one on the other hand, while not as bassy as they 3's,...
First post in what feels like 2 years. After about a month of waiting, finally got these in. I had the Piston 2 for about 3 months but lost it. Been surviving with earpods since then so can't reeeeally remember the sound signature of the 2's. But first 5 minutes of listening it sounds like there's a hole in the middle. Made me realize just how much mids the earpods produce. Even though it sounds like there's a hole in the middle (it's supposed to be V shaped signature...
fantastic! over time, these are sure to attract more head-fiers since the god of iem reviews finally has thoughts on them.
joker. might want to change the 3A30 you have for the BE to 2A30. confused my search function for a second there till I spotted the error.
  oooh my BE's. without yooooouuuuu.....
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