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I was gonna ask if those mc5s have a good. Cable but then I read and saw they were kevlar reinforced will this help protect the metal cable inside
hey guys i've come back in look of some IEM's again My price limit is 60$ with a little flex room if it means improvement  The IEMs  need a good warranty The headphones need to be able to stay plugged into my phone and wrapped around it and take the bending I will be using the headphones with a Samsung Galaxy S2 The sound quality dosent have to be fantastic ( I Was just fine with my Skullcandy heavy metals until i lost them)   The last headphones i looked at...
Alright it'd be awesome if you can keep me updated on these they look like a great headphone for the price
Those headphones after some searching tend to be more in the 100$ range
Alrigh i'll check those out, as of right now im currently looking int a pair of brainwavz M2 with their current 50$ preorder offer
alright so long story short im a teenager and skullcandys were what i thought were good, but now ive learned after going through ten pairs in one year im getting tired of them and want some thing better I currently used my in store refund money to pick up the black "heavy-medal" headphones which came with a free 4g itouch case i'm going to sell these both hopefully to make about 60$ towards some less crappy headphones - So my budget us 60$ or under - I listen to mostly...
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