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Hello all,   I've been using my Brainwavz M2s for about a year, and absolutely love them. But it seems like the left ear speaker has gone bad - on any heavy bass, I hear a rattling and it sounds terrible. I'm looking for budget (50 or below) replacements. I just got some JVC HA-FX101s, and though they do have lots of bass, it seems like the mids and treble are so 'far away' - with the M2s, bass, mids and treble seem like they are right against my ear, not muffled,...
Where do you buy these for $55?
Genius! How did I not notice that? Indeed they come with a clip and the comply tips, which I can tell already stay in much better (though they don't feel as comfortable).
So, I bought a new set of Brainwavz M2s as my workout earphones, and I absolutely love them when it comes to sound quality. Three issues mainly, all related to exercise with them (mainly running):   1) They tend to slide out when my ear gets sweaty during workout. 2) The cord is very stiff, and tends to pull them down during a workout. 3) The cord is very stiff... so it makes noise when moving while I'm running.   In some pictures of the M2, it looks like...
Got my M2s today, and this is exactly what I was looking for! Plenty of bass (granted not as much as the S4s - seems like they go a little less low?), but the mids and treble sound perfect for my music. No 'muffled' sound at all.   Thanks again for the recommendations!!
It's entirely possible that the S4s I got were duds, or not broken in yet. Honestly they didn't sound that bad at all. Incredible bass IMHO, but I just really felt like the highs were not nearly bright enough for me. Sounded like I was listening through a wall. Also tried rotating the IEMs in my ear to different angles, no luck. I think I'm just used to the harshly bright Apple OEM earbuds.
How do these differ from the M2s? I just ordered the M2s, but this review is making me think twice.
I just ordered the M2s after returning Klipsch S4s (they sounded way too 'muffled' for me - very little treble it seemed). Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll like them.
I just purchased the S4s for $50 on Amazon, and have to say I was disappointed with them. I'm coming from the cheap Apple earbuds. The sound from the S4s seemed very muffled to me. Incredible bass, but the treble seemed to be so lacking that I felt like I was missing out on lots of my music. I tried several ways of fitting them in my ear, to no avail. With that being said, they are incredibly comfortable, and very light. Just not my cup of tea I guess. Returned them...
Ordered the M2s. Here's to hoping they live up to expectations :).   How do those hold up in the ear? I'm going to be using these primarily for when I go running.
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