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 I can not argue with you, spot on. Sometimes but not always. I still have my Z, and many ask me why do I still have it. Well I like how it sounds, and got enough power to drive my DT770 LE like a dream. The Zx1 can drive it , and do sound nice but more power and Bass are needed to make it shine, this is where the Z comes. The X5 compared to the ZX1 is a wreck, but it might sound better and it might have stable bug free UI, but still only limited to 128GB , as there is no...
Sony wanted with the  ZX1 launch, to see  the acceptance and how the audiophile community will react to it.   I know that Sony will (hopefully) bring us even something better/tweaked for the other parts (esp. US and Europe).   How do I know? Sony is learning.
P. how are you finding the ZX1 pairing with your iem/cans?
The ZX1 success in Japan will lead to US release (maybe with a little tweaking).   Sony is keen to provide us with the "Walkman" feeling again.
Received it  on Thursday 12/12/2013, packaging is all there. Sound is Phenomenal (plays 192/24 flac, and most know audio formats) Playtime for Flac (mix 192/24 and 44.1) is 24 hours. Mp3  is 30-35 Hours. Will need to fund some other purchase. The price includes shipping (With Aramex+Tracking = will...
The volume on the ZX1 is about 70% of the Z-1070.   I still find the Z to be a wonderful DAP.   The warm and Bassy sound of the Z is really good.   I did some AB between the two, and it still holds its place, as my favorite DAP for rock.   The ZX1 is much faster and better in UI.   Whoever have the Z and loves its sound should not sell it before trying the ZX1.   P.S: I am thinking to sell my ZX1.   update :
No, and this: 
Tried to use a usb otg cable with the ZX1,still no love
Caught me off-guard there.
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