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Also not to forget, microsd cards do "Suck" more battery and shortens its life.
Just wonderful and magical.
  You can try this application: It has the best SQ also.
Pebble working with UAPP, the song name displayed is not changing, but the songs are.
Wishing you all the peace and happiness from my heart.   Always its better to get a late product, than to get an unfinished one.   Here @ Headfi, I could feel that its not complete (X5).   And many forums (Chinese) confirm that they felt that it needs some/more tweaking.   James/Fiio will do their best to bring us a good complete product.   2014 is going to be a great year for DAPs and Super DAPs.    Let the fight begins.
Fiio, please consider my suggestion to make it the norm to be "Gold" color, as it looks much better in every way I look at it.  
The gold color really changed the complete look !!! for better. Hope this becomes the norm.
After owning the ZX1 and looking at the above picture, I find the X5 "Smaller" than I imagined it and thin, which is great news for me.
The ZX1 is an iem DAP . Even with Bey. 770LE 32ohm, It could not drive it well, where as the Z1070 was. 
Fiio is a great company with great enthusiasm, and the X5 is a rushed product (at least aesthetically speaking).   I will stay away from the X5, for a better finished/polished product.   Everybody makes a mistake (My Boss always tells me one who works will certainly make a mistake, one way or another), and Fiio should learn from these mistakes.   Hope the X7 will be the "One".    Please Fiio take your time with the X7, and we could help design a good DAP.   I...
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