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  I completely agree with you!!! This player sounds like no other in clarity and refinement without any excess, just pure clean sound. I am a purest, and this can never be beaten by any player while connected thru USB. I just remembered the day I informed Davy about Headfi and what potential it would bring him, but never thought it would be that big. Well done Davy. Well done.
Better is a wrong way to describe it. Its a matter of personal taste. I still prefer the Note3+Apex Galcier to the X5 (borrowed), Why you ask? Its better as a whole package taking into consideration the UI, SQ, Screen...etc
noozy is still showing that its not compatible with the Note 3 DAC (SM-N9005)!
My dear faithful HF friend, How do you compare the ZX1 to the DX90? Many thanks and regards 
All Sony Walkmans with android work.
LolNice one.....
Sorry to answer this from youTim All you need is an otg cable
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