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Sony, the catch-up king  [[SPOILER]]
Totally agree, big cans will always shine and show their true sound when amped.
What about this?  MDR-1 not MDR-1ADAC  
  ....So you  think the A17 will sound good? I have known for some time that Sony is releasing  a Walkman with microSD, but I had my money on an updated ZX1 for the US market, and now I look at the A17 and wonder, WHY Sony? I doubt (but hope) that it will be on par with the ZX1, what do you know about its SQ Purk? or anynody? Thanks in advance Head-fiers
Any release date for the ZX1 in the US? via  4:08 AM (6 hours ago) to me  Updates:         Status: Assigned         Owner: Comment #1345 on issue 24614 by Add support for USB Audio Sorry for any confusion, but in our exuberance about USB audio, we flipped the status to Released a bit early.  It is true that L developer preview includes some USB audio support, but...
@ Danba, is there any reason why the LG G3 did not make it to your menu?
LG G3 working with Apex Glacier (native player & others)        
....Been with Samsung since Note1, 2 and 3, but the big sized phones are not my cup of tea any more, and Samsung is loosing its direction (heart sensor!!! ugly interface in S5......).
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