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Not a bad price at all! edit : wait is it 92,500 0r 99,900 ?
  No, I made sure that the new replaced E1s got enough time to break in / Burn (don't remember exactly). It felt that they were missing something that I was enjoying in the original. I do remember that another member shared me the finding.
  Yes, and better get Muses for the Headphones buffer also=8X Muses01.
  I kept mine (same like the one you have) after trying 2 Muses E1 (which were sent to me to replace the one I had without the gain jumper) I noticed a change in clarity and details in Music.the one I had, was more musical and enjoyable to listen to, it was almost . The other 2 replacements sounded less accurate and missing the prat I was getting, so I ended keeping it, FYI.  Just enjoy listing...
How did you order (I could not make heads or tails!) from there site?
From where are you gonna order them? There are lots ant lots of fake ones out there, you have to be careful!
Appreciate if you could share the links to the ebay and Aliexpress sellers.
Sony, the catch-up king  [[SPOILER]]
Totally agree, big cans will always shine and show their true sound when amped.
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