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30 min and the ZX1 will be with me!!!! 
Will the ZX1 pas the 25 hours flac playback? This is a dream come true for me!
  Please take note, that new batteries will not show their true time, not until 3 to 5 recharge cycles. My Note 3 gave me after 6 charges about 30% extra time.
 Thanks for the headsup, and yes its also faster done thru Media-Go.
Will be waiting.
Welcome back! All my DAPs are shaking when they heard that the ZX1 is coming their way (Even the Z1070) 
Guys, as I see that the ZX1 is going to be a success, It will be illogical (from any point) that Sony do not release it globally. I heard a rumor that the ZX1 was the first of the Audiophile Walkman Sony will be revealing/releasing !! Yes there is a new/better/updated one   (its still in test phase).
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