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So you will be selling your ZX1 soon? I should have waited for you. Purk, go for it?
EQ in Head-fi!!!!! I think he is like me a "Purist".
Thanks Sean, you nailed it.Honest like always and not "Hyping".P.S:  I "Hate " how the AK120 looks
Some intresting points in comparing the three:                
Yes, as the interface language , only you can chose between Japanese and English, but you can add whatever language in the keyboard setting like Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic...etc...
No, its not related to sound. Rooting android is taking full control of your OS, so you can install anything, or even install other android versions (cyanogen, liquid motion...etc) for example.
Where did you get this picture? I asked Price-japan to ship WMC-NWH10 with my ZX1
You know Purk, I really wish the ZX1 will be a success for the Sony, as this might encourage more Manufactures  (non Chinese in particular, and don't think I have anything against them) to raise the bar in their "MP3" players. I am holding it inside me till I try it myself (Welcome back Walkman)
....Or we could have made a big mistake and you played it safe/right
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