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The best way is to just create a folder in the Walkman drive, and copy your songs to it.Media-Go is also very good, with both I never had a single problem. Some quick notes:My ZX1 is still burning with only flac, with 30GB of Hi-res music, and 50GB red-book.I can say its resolving , fast and loves female vocals.I think the Bass here is more controlled than the Z (the Z bass more prominent).What strikes me the most is the sound stage, its so open.I still cant believe I am...
Sony ZX1 working with Asus Xonar essence one DAC, with only 44.1/16.
I will , just after uploading, and having early dinner."especially with older soul/rock albums " Do you have songs for me to try?
Still uploading my music.
Not working.
Thank you guys esp. Sean, Purk and Paul for this purchase, I am in heaven now   Everything is open "airy" , it just want to play beautiful music.
Apex Glacier working with the ZX1, all rates.    
Size comparison:   Apex Glacier working with the ZX1 thru USB, all rates.    
, are you serious?
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