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I will , thanks buddy. Quite a system you got there! Congrats.
update on Sony ZX1: AnakChan Don't let him borrow your M-100 (click)   offline4,304 Posts. Joined 8/2011 Location: Tokyo, Japan I was curious where that conclusion came from myself. Afterall the ZX1 is like other android devices (and to be more specific, Android 4.1.1...I think this is pre-Jelly Bean?). Anyway if anyone is curious, it's worked with my Leckerton UHA-6Mk2 but not my...
Welcome to our Sony club (drinks on me).I think Sony is back  (will not confirm until I hear it myself, as my ears are the final judge) 5:40 PM (1 minute ago)   to me         We will ship your Sony NW-ZX1 and WMC-NWH10 on Dec 09.   Its tracking No. will be EJ0..............   You can track it on from evening on Dec 08  or (after it lands on your...
Your Walkman looks too good to eat, not only listen.
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