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If you can wait for the Fiio X5, just in case, as its only weeks from released.Also in-case you ordered the ZX1, you still need to wait for about 20-25 days till the second batch.
The DX100 was gone long ago. What I can tell you I will never ever  go to the DX100 when I have the ZX1. Bad recordings are not welcomed with the ZX1 !!!! its so revealing. If you want to drive big cans for six hours , get the DX100. (My ZX1 lasted for 23.5 Hours while playing FLAC (mixed rates from 192 to 44.1), so mp3 might give you at least 30-35 Hours) If you want to enjoy music with almost all IEMs and some  big cans , get the ZX1, and that is not talking about the...
ZX1, is not only great in SQ, it is great in battery (23 hours with flac (HD and 44.1) and still have 11%, with fast and smooth UI. It was just made tp play beautiful music. Its a Walkman. Hope the X5 will be able to beat that.
The Marathon is still going from yesterday 10:40 and playing my flac (HD and 44.1), and it is 16% now. So its 21 hours and still got 16%.   WOW, The DX100 only lasted 6 hours max!!!
Mine is "Zerexia One" .
Naaaaaa, I will get her all it wants, I am in love.She asked to be paired with the PHA-2, and I said , OK.
For you, I will Purk, and I am serious.
I appreciate if someone would tell me what is the best USB charger for the ZX1 (referring to A).   I have this: 
Just email them and ask them for the WMC-NWH10.It is used to connect the ZX1 to external DACs(confirmed to be working with the Asus Xonar and Apex Glacier)
Where is this app?
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