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Just too difficult to capture something moving with little light and behind a thick glass/plastic, and flash is a mistake.          
  I completely agree with you!!! This player sounds like no other in clarity and refinement without any excess, just pure clean sound. I am a purest, and this can never be beaten by any player while connected thru USB. I just remembered the day I informed Davy about Headfi and what potential it would bring him, but never thought it would be that big. Well done Davy. Well done.
Better is a wrong way to describe it. Its a matter of personal taste. I still prefer the Note3+Apex Galcier to the X5 (borrowed), Why you ask? Its better as a whole package taking into consideration the UI, SQ, Screen...etc
noozy is still showing that its not compatible with the Note 3 DAC (SM-N9005)!
My dear faithful HF friend, How do you compare the ZX1 to the DX90? Many thanks and regards 
All Sony Walkmans with android work.
LolNice one.....
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