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  I was expecting this. Please keep us updated with your finding. I do not think it will be that much difficult to solder. Just practice on something other than the battery ......
Do you know if the menus are in English?
All the batteries I found where always bigger than what the compartment can fit. Nice finding.
I do remember finding batteries with the above specs , but all wont fit!Good hunting
I agree with you, but lets hope they come with a positive reply to you, as I also want to keep one aside just in case. I still have my Teclast T51 (and I made sure to get an extra battery for it). I talked to a friend who works in Sony Malaysia, and he informed me that this is all related to stock being updated and costing them too much too keep track of replacement parts and so on....LOGISTIC NIGHTMARE AS HE CALLED IT.
 Yes, and the reply is its not being supported anymore. He even tried to find a Chinese duplicate.....still... Please update me about your finding.
I know someone  in Brazil, he has been looking for one for almost a year ....all over the world!!!!!
Yes, 2. Do you think I should change also the others? Will that make a difference? I mean a big difference...
Guys, I really need to order some Muses01 op-amps from a reliable source, and one that I can read (English language), any help is appreciated.   I looked at ebay, and I don't trust any!   And also the "Essence One DSD Upgrade Kit", is it up for sale? where?!!
Apex Moraine   Moraine A general term for unstratified and unsorted deposits of sediment that form through the direct action of, or contact with, glacier ice. Many different varieties are recognized on the basis of their position with respect to a glacier.
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