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At last I had the time to open it.  
I have another idea, why not use the empty batterybay for another battery and connect them in parallel? double the running time.What do you think?
What about battery life???!!! Maybe it is also important (X5 <10 hours)I do not think it is "advisable" to give advice about something you did not compare to, maybe he will like the Sony A17 better. I learned my lesson, and will never like or dislike a DAP without trying it myself, whatever others think. I got the ZX1, but ended selling it and keeping the Z1070, and like many other daps.
Here he talks about  it compared to the X5 : confirmed that the menu can be changed to English.
  Some time ago, I asked my Malaysian friend who works at a Sony factory to forward  some letters to Sony executives and engineers (any in top management), where I emphasized the importance of battery life and microsd to us and gave them the J3 as an example (50+ hours), and what perfect dap would be. I do also remember quoting part of these letters in a Sony thread at head-fi, but I forgot where. Think they read them..., but I blame the slow post....
  Also I like to remind you that batteries need  at lease 3-5 charges before they give their full potential.
OK, did you try a different USB charger (with different Amp) ? Could the higher mah be the reason?
That is great! I was not expecting it to be thicker!!!???Please update us. And Congrats for saving it and us
  Its a gamble, and I hope all works for you.  As much as I want to go and try it, I am afraid to ruin mine .  Maybe you got bigger .........
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