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LG G3 working with Apex Glacier (native player & others)        
....Been with Samsung since Note1, 2 and 3, but the big sized phones are not my cup of tea any more, and Samsung is loosing its direction (heart sensor!!! ugly interface in S5......).
I agree, The 5.5" display is nice  and smaller than other phones with 5" or 5.2" display.Nice work LG.
To say the least, I am truly surprised by the LG G3's sound, alas the battery is not that great. My Note 3 puts it to shame (double the time!)      
I do think it will be only for the new Android release, but I hope I am mistaken.
Just got this email: via  1:41 AM (4 minutes ago)     to me         Updates:         Status: Released Comment #1344 on issue 24614 by Add support for USB Audio (No...
Nice.The Moto G ,  although @ $200 dollars, still amazes me!!!Can't wait to try the 4G version with microSD.
Congrats.I am sure you're gonna enjoy them.Waiting for your impressions, updates and photos.Busy with my LOVE...preparing...
Just too difficult to capture something moving with little light and behind a thick glass/plastic, and flash is a mistake.          
  I completely agree with you!!! This player sounds like no other in clarity and refinement without any excess, just pure clean sound. I am a purest, and this can never be beaten by any player while connected thru USB. I just remembered the day I informed Davy about Headfi and what potential it would bring him, but never thought it would be that big. Well done Davy. Well done.
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