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Posts by turokrocks via  4:08 AM (6 hours ago) to me  Updates:         Status: Assigned         Owner: Comment #1345 on issue 24614 by Add support for USB Audio Sorry for any confusion, but in our exuberance about USB audio, we flipped the status to Released a bit early.  It is true that L developer preview includes some USB audio support, but...
@ Danba, is there any reason why the LG G3 did not make it to your menu?
LG G3 working with Apex Glacier (native player & others)        
....Been with Samsung since Note1, 2 and 3, but the big sized phones are not my cup of tea any more, and Samsung is loosing its direction (heart sensor!!! ugly interface in S5......).
I agree, The 5.5" display is nice  and smaller than other phones with 5" or 5.2" display.Nice work LG.
To say the least, I am truly surprised by the LG G3's sound, alas the battery is not that great. My Note 3 puts it to shame (double the time!)      
I do think it will be only for the new Android release, but I hope I am mistaken.
Just got this email: via  1:41 AM (4 minutes ago)     to me         Updates:         Status: Released Comment #1344 on issue 24614 by Add support for USB Audio (No...
Nice.The Moto G ,  although @ $200 dollars, still amazes me!!!Can't wait to try the 4G version with microSD.
Congrats.I am sure you're gonna enjoy them.Waiting for your impressions, updates and photos.Busy with my LOVE...preparing...
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