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Sorry it took so long but tested this evening. Tidal using hifi files - S5 to Oppo Ha2 using the supplied usb, works fine for me.
 Tidal works fine for me with Oppo and LG G4.  I can try and test with S5 tomorrow for you. Would do it today but my other half is on a double shift and has her S5 with her.  So will be tonight/tomorrow before I get a chance.
Headphone(s) you possess: JH Audio Angie, Fischer Amps FA 4e XB, Oppo PM 3, B+O H6. -DAP(s) you possess: LG G4 paired with Oppo HA-2.  Prev owned Fiio X5, Ibasso DX90 and DX100 -FiiO product(s) you possess (if any): None at present but have owned X5. -Descriptions and links to review(s) you have posted: No proper reviews as such but a fair few impressions of various earphones and daps over the years. -Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you live in): Devon,...
I bought the Angie's a few weeks ago and spent a few days comparing before selling the K3003. I had the K3003 for almost 2 and a half years and thought they were the best iem I had owned.  However the Angie surpasses them in every dept.  More depth to the sound, more detail and a bigger soundstage.  The bass gives more kick in the 1 o clock position on the bass adjuster.  The Angie's also seem to layer the music more. This is not to say that I thought the K3003 had become...
Thanks for the replies on the HA-2 v AK100ii question.   Kind of confirmed what I thought might be the case. Thing is the HA-2 sounds so good.  The bass response is good, I dont feel the need to increase the bass on the Angie's past 1 o clock or use the bass boost on the HA-2. I think what is holding me back from buying the AK100ii(apart from the £800 price tag lol) is that to my ears the HA-2 easily surpassed the ZX1, DX90 and Fiio X5.  I'm not sure that for that...
  I'm curious as to how much of an upgrade something like the AK100ii would be over my current set up of LG G4 with Oppo HA-2.My setup now I preferred over the DX90/ Sony Z1 and Fiio X5 but cant find much info comparing the HA-2/Smartphone combo to the higher end DAP's.  
That's the spitting image of the old UE Triple fi 10 case.  Great case.
Pics added with and without medium tips.
Yes I would ship to the US.
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