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I had both for a while and did intend to keep both however I ended up selling the Fiio.     Overall I just prefer the DX90, I found the sound on both excellent but for me the DX was a bit more detailed with more soundstage.    TBH though I dont think you can go wrong with either.
I'd like to review these.  Have not done a great deal of reviews but would like to review against my AKG K3003 to see how they stack against each other.  They both seem to use filters for sound changes and would like to see how the RHA stacks against something more than 4 times the price.
This is now sold
For sale is my Fiio X5 DAP, comes in box with all the accessories.  In very good/excellent condition, hardly been used probably less than 25 hours.   Looking for £200 inc delivery.
 I've thougt about selling my K3003i a few times even putting them up for sale briefly at one point.  However every time I try another set of earphones they never match up to the AKG's.  Admittedly I've not tried the TOTL in terms of price like the Shure 846 or similar but I dont feel the need to as I cant imagine they would outstrip what I've got.  They might do somethings better but the K3003 just sound so lush.
Hi I would like the chance to review your new IEM. I have no previous experience with RHA products but have owned many different earphones over the years.
Anybody know if my ACS custom tips for my IE8's will fit ok on the IE80?
 I've got both the DX90 and the X5 and use them with a variety of ear/headphones but mostly the AKG K3003i, Fischer Amps FA4 XB, B+W P7 and the B+O H6. I find the DX90 to be a little more detailed in the highs and probably gives a bit more texture/layers to the music.  However the X5 for me is not far off and I think has a little bit more warmth to the sound esp in the bass dept.  Soundstage etc I find them to be much the same, both give great depth and width on all my...
I've had the Solo2 for almost 3 weeks now and quite happy with them.  Compared to previous Beats that I've heard the bass has far more control to it but the mids and highs also sound quite good as well. Compared to my B+W P7 and B+O H6 they are not quite in the same league but they are almost half the price of those 2.  The H6 and P7 have better clarity and more control overall but like I say they are in a different price renge so probably not fair to compare.  Despite...
 Yes, first pair of Beats, to be honest any time I've heard Beats in the past I've thought they sound ok but overpriced for what they were but this may have changed with the Solo2. Will get a better idea after a bit of prolonged use.The H6 compared to the P7 are alot lighter on bass but excel with their presentation of the mids. I would say the H6 are a more neutral headphone, lovely detailed sound with accurate bass, the bass doesn't overpower the highs or mids. The P7...
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