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I'm gagging to hear the ZX1, hopefully will be delivered around the 23/24 April.  Sony UK have really messed up with this launch, only getting 6 or 7 units every few weeks.    Got the DX90 a couple of days ago which is sounding really sweet so will be interesting to hear the ZX1 along side it.   On a side note the PHA-2 is doing a sterling job as a DAC to my Nexus 5, really takes it up a few notches on the SQ.
Can't help with the rooted firmwares on nexus as I couldn't get it to work either. On stock though works every time on either of the mini USB connections and a otg cable, with USB audio player pro. It did stop working a few days ago but it was fine when trying a different cable.
My DX90 now at customs in UK at 15.15  Hopefully will get to me tomorrow otherwise will be Tuesday due to Easter break.
Bit weird the dhl charges. I'm in UK and got a text saying charges would be £2.40.
+1 for UK Hopefully arrive tomorrow before Easter break. Showing as departed Hong Kong.
If I was you I would order from pricejapan. I used them and it was with me in 5 days. Only had to pay £24 in taxes as they marked value down.
Ibasso normally mark as a usb soundcard, I've had a dx100, dx 50 and a couple of amps over the years and not had to pay any taxes. 
Ordered Thursday evening, email from Ibasso today to say will be sent tomorrow with tracking ref on Monday.  Hopefully be here by Friday.
It's not a bad app, does what it says on the tin really, gives usb audio and I've not had any problems with it so far.
Yeah was using the latest build of cm11 but no joy with the Sony. Although to be honest prefer the phone running stock android. Was getting a couple of bugs/glitches when rooted.
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