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I think the Onkyo HF App on Android supports 256dsd, I'm using that app with my ha-2 and note 4 but not tried that particular type of DSD yet.
To be honest I'm not sure about the whole SoC thing.  When I had problems last year with the Nexus 5/Sony PHA-2 everything I read over at the XDA forums seem to suggest that USB OTG being implemented on a phone was down to the maker, although this could be bypassed with rooting the phone.  Although I got the Nexus 5 working with USB audio player app it was never a 100% solution.  I've since had the Galaxy S5 and now the Note 4 and have had no problems with OTG.
Not all Android phones are USB OTG compatible, I had a hell of a time getting a Nexus 5 to work with the Sony Pha-2 last year, had to use apps or root. Samsung phones seem to work straight off just needed the app to get full DSD 24 bit compatability.
After more listening last night I can hear a very slight hiss when no music is playing on the AKG K3003i.  Not enough to be annoying though esp when it can't be heard during playback. No hiss when using my Fischer Amps fa 4e xb.   Also can't say I noticed any great battery drain on the Note 4, this was using the Onkyo HF app.
 To me the HA-2 and Note 4 was more or less the same as the DX90 and in some respects better.  Bass response feels a bit more present than the Dx90.  Mids and highs to me sound much the same as does the depth and soundstage of the music.  I'd say that the HA-2 also just pips it in terms of separation of instruments. To be honest there is very little in it but for me this is ideal.  The Dx90 is now sold and I can use a one for all solution that is not too bulky and has...
My HA-2 arrived this morning from Custom Cable, excellent service only ordered yesterday afternoon. Its a lovely looking unit and is so slim compared to my last DAC(Sony PHA2). Only tried it for an hour or so this morning but very impressed. Used it with my Note 4 and AKG K3003i. No hiss for me with the k3003. Sounds great, takes the Note 4 to a similar level as the DX90.
 I asked a similar question a few pages back with no answer.Although it's not a DAP, I asked as I looking to go to one solution for music listening.  I'm hoping to match the HA-2 to my Note 4 so was looking to gain info to try and determine if this was a better or similar sounding option to my DX90.  It's a pain having music spread across or repeated on more than one device.
I've got one for sale, happy to ship to Australia.
Tempted to take the plunge on the Oppo.  Anybody been able to compare an Android/iphone set-up with the Oppo against the DX90 Dap or similar type Dap.   I currently use the DX90 and althoughit's a great player I would rather just have my music on the Note 4 with an Amp/Dac.
For sale is my Ibasso DX90, comes boxed with warranty card.  In excellent condition, been in the case from day one and hardly taken out of my house.   May also have a spare unused battery which I will include if I can find it!!   Looking for £225, this will include Royal Mail special delivery or express shipping to EU.
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