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My replacement came last week and initally put it up for sale but today I thought give it another go and hopefully all will be fine.     No joy.   Brand new unit - same issues.   Tidal continues to stutter and stammer through most songs when streaming at hifi standard, won't even download them to try offline.   Radio apps don't work - BBC Radio app only loads part of the stream, doesn't play any sound.     Streaming over home network.....no chance, sees the songs...
My warranty replacememt which is new and sealed is up for sale here for anybody interested - http://www.head-fi.org/t/827851/brand-new-and-sealed-cayin-i5-dap-and-used-200gb-sandisk-micro-sd-card#post_13067924
Price drop
Good review and on the whole spot on, however the issue with streaming is very unlikely to be related to home network issues.  My faulty unit had nothing to do with home network, tried it on other networks and on a strong 4g mobile netwprk with no improvement in the issue.  Although my unit appeared faulty it has been said in the thread that the I5 wifi is not as strong as a smartphone to help with interference, this is probably more of a cause to streaming issues rather...
For sale is a brand new sealed Cayin I5, also comes with a used but excellent condition 200gb Sandisk MicroSd card.   The Cayin is a warranty replacement and as such is unopened.  Has 10 months warranty remaining.     Looking for £410 for both items, this will include postage but not paypal fees which buyer will need to pay.  Will ship to UK/EU
I love the sound from the Cayin(better than X7 and DP-X1 imo) but also want the streaming abilites to work not just for tidal but for radio and network use.  
I couldn't use due to a faulty unit that wouldn't stream Tidal or any Radio apps, also had a very poor streaming on home network, but that has been replaced with a new sealed unit.  Not sure whether to open and try or sell as a new unit.
Return my faulty I5 today for a replacement, hopefully the new one will work with streaming services.  
 Just tried this and made no difference for me with Tidal, still stutters on majority of tracks at HiFi setting both online and offline.  Also finding that radio apps such as Tunein and BBC Radio do not play at all.  Pretty sure my unit is defective as others seem to have no issues with streaming radio apps.
 Replied via PM.  
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