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Sold and sent today
Torn on which to order. Doing my head in!!
For sale are my black PM3 headphones.   In excellent condition with all cables,carry case and boxed.   Looking for £260 with delivery included. Buyer to paypal fees.
@Duncan Try the Hibymusic app, its free and works a treat with no need for adaptors.
 Will be using with Android so hopefully a more straight forward OTG cable.
As a UK user the only issue I have is the volume bug, when using apps such as Onkyo HF or similar the volume shoots up to max when you are lowering it to 35.  This is solved using Hiby music.   I so far have had no disconnects i almost 2 months of daily use.
Couldn't see athread for this so thought I'd start one. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cyrussoundkey/cyrus-soundkey-dac-bringing-your-music-on-the-move http://soundkey.cyrusaudio.com/ Claims to have low drain on phone battery, but no mention of DAC being used. I've ordered through the kickstarter for 40% discount, worth a punt at that price.
Can't see a thread but I ordered one. Looks promising.
@esuhgb Hibymusic works flawlessy with the module for me, completley bypasses the normal LG controls and adds so much more volume. @Duncan Give Hibymusic a try, takes away the volume bug.
Thanks for the early impressions. Looks like I'll stick with the G5/B+O play combo.I had the volume issue but after a software update through the LG friends app this has disappeared.
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