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Price drop to £350
Price drop to £370
Price drop on the Ie800 to £380
Aurisonics now sold - IE800's still available.
I'd be happy with that.
For tjose interested I've got a black set of 2.5's for sale in the ads section. Excellent condition with hardly any use.
Looking to bring my IEM collection down to 3 so up for sale are both my Sennheiser IE800 and Aurisonics ASG 2.5 earphones. The Sennheiser's were bought from Peter Tyson online last December so still have 15 months warranty remaining. They come boxed with only the medium tips used which will be cleaned before sending out. I also still have the emailed invoice from Peter Tyson. These are excellent earphones which for their size produce stunning sound quality and can be...
I waited a little while before posting my thoughts on these to be sure of my impressions.   A wee background first.    I started buying Iem's around 12/13 years ago with the Shure E2c I think they were called  before quickly moving onto the Er6i, loved those and tried a few others from Futuresonics and UE before buying the Er4p.  Loved them but struggled with the triple flange's getting stuck in my right ear!!.  Bought and sold the Er4 a couple of times over the years...
Has the issues around interference when streaming from Spotify etc been resolved?  I had the X7 at launch in UK and had terrible issues with background noise and streaming but would like to jump back in if it's been resolved.
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