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Mainly listen to guitar based indie/alternative with a bit of everything else every so often, album of choice at moment is Chilly Gonzalez and Jarvis Cocker's album Room 29, lots of piano and it sounds immense on the Fiio/P9 combo.Initially I thought the P9 were too bassy but after a little burn/brain time I find them spot on, definitely lean to the bass side things of things but not in a way that bleeds into the rest of the sound.
Fiio X5iii with Bowers and Wilkins P9 is a lovely combo, this player is possibly the best little all round device I've bought in quite a while.
Saving SD1 with no pops or skips so far.
 Tidal offline works a treat on the X5iii.  I had 2 Cayin I5's and it would just not do Tidal offline(poor online as well) and was terrible at streaming, they may have fixed this now however.  The Fiio has no issues for me though, streaming is flawless and offline Spotify and Tidal work with no issues.
I've put mine up for sale twice then after listening again for an exented period taken them back off sale. They are an amazing set of iem's that sound so lush in the mids.
I'm using Spotify premium with the X5 and it works fine. Streams at the highest quality and downloads to SD1 for offline listening with no issues.Streaming from the NAS drive has been a bit more hot and miss. Tracks show up in Fiio music app and appear to play but no output. In ES explorer they play around 70% of the time, the rest of the time I get error messages.
Cheers dude
I've been using my Cyrus for my laptop and it really is a wonderful little DAC for the kickstarter price I paid, even at full price it will put others to shame. Probably won't get the coverage it deserves until Cyrus give some freebies to certain reviewers who will then decide its fate!!!
The other option is to use the ES file explorer app which works quite well, select network in settings and it should show your NAS
In the main title page of the Fiio music app, select the green icon and it should give an option to search for server.
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