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 I'm sure Cayin will resolve. The only reason I returned the X7 was because Fiio confirmed that it was a hardware issue that couldn't be resolved.
 Problem is present with both Tidal and Qobuz which suggests a problem with the I5 software. The X7 never did manage to resolve the interference problem when streaming, thankfully the I5 does not suffer from this.
 I think as long as it's lossy services such as Play Music or Spotify there will be no issues.  My Spotify is flawless.  It's the lossless services that seem to suffer which suggests that maybe the wifi section needs some kind of FW update - if this is possible.  I will keep mine as the sound quality is excellent and I hope they sort the wifi issue with lossless services.
 It is a shame as there are no issues playing from memory. Can see me sending this back to retailer on the basis that the unit is faulty/incapable of streaming as advertised.
A couple of days of use and still very happy with sound quality etc, however the wifi performance and streaming is so far leaving alot to be desired, hoping that Cayin can solve this with FW update.   Spotify works perfectly, no issues streaming or with downloads.   Tidal - stuttering in most songs, sometimes song just fades away then after I lose sound on all tracks.    Qobuz - Same issues as Tidal but even worse with stuttering in downloaded songs and downloads...
 Spot on with your comment about Android intergration, Cayin really have this well implemented.
 You won't regret buying when you get back plus I'm pretty sure AMP3 always have either that or another 10% code that is valid. The I5 itself is from early impressions very good.  Main thing for me was not to have the interference I experienced when using any streaming modes with the Fiio X7 which thankfully the I5 doesn't suffer from.  No hiss or interference with so far.  The UI on this is excellent, I can imagine that if you wanted to use the full Android experience it...
 Ordered mine yesterday, should be here tomorrow(Fri). Enter STAY10% for another 10% off the price - worked for me.
Any news on a UK release yet?
Even though my cable started working it now cits oit after a few minutes of play. Going to contact retailer for a replacememt.   Also a bit disappointed with lack of power when using apps such as Spotidy, Sky Go and Netflix.  Volume needs to be at almost full whack and even then its not even loud. Mixed results with Usb players such as Neutron, Hiby and Usb audio pro.
New Posts  All Forums: