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Hifiman HE5LE, in excellent condition. come with case and original accessories, which included 2 original cables.   also an extra Moon Audio Blue Dragon balanced cable, just like the following one, but my one is Version 1.   I used to own HE5EL and HE500 at a same time, personally i like HE5LE more than HE500. But HE5LE need to go as well due to upgraded to HD800.     asking pending AUD +...
I found the Shure original case as well, will included in the sale.
Up for sale my se530. earphone only, with two pairs of foam tips and one extend cable with mic and volume control.   Check out my photos for more info, or you could pm me. Sold as is.   The black tip is original from Shure but the blue one isn't.   the extension cable i bought it from ebay, just a normal one, isn't the "Hi-Fi" cable. And it only work on Samsung and HTC smartphone(Im not 100% sure it'll work on some new models or not, but im 100% sure it not...
up for sale my HE500, great sound headphones with very good condition(8/10), it is the newer version (with silver cable) and has been used for about 1 year.  Check out the pictures for more detail. they all shot by my DSLR. it come with all original accessories(see 1ist pic).   Asking soldfor Paypal transfer(i'll cover fee), but postage does not included.   Check out the postage here.
 Up for sale my Audio-technica w1000x headphone, as the pics show it is in mint condition, i would rate the overall condition at 9/10, flawless wooden cup, great sound. The headphone come with original box,sale due to fund for 24-70za lens. For more product information, click here.   Could do Sydney or Newcastle area pick up. Postage about 15 to Aus-wide.
Hi~ up for sale this DIY Nordost headphone extension cable (with 3.5mm maie and 3.5mm female heads), in a good and working condition. Asking 25AUD firm include all fee and shipped to worldwide.
Pmed, hope Im quick enough....!!!
still for sale
The RS1 was recabled by the previous owner not me, it use the Neutrik XLR head and the cable has 2.8 meters long.  
Hi everyone,~   you can check the postage here, the package is about 1 to 1.5kg.    
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