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It's the 110V. Sorry, someone beat you to it.
I have a Darkvoice 337 (DV337) headphone amp that I'd like to sell. I bought it brand new and used it for about 20 hours, probably not enough to even break it in. It's been in a box for about a year and it's in perfect condition. No scratches. Everything in it is stock. I'm asking $450 shipped. I have a pic here:   Thanks for looking!
Hey all, I'm selling my brand new 337. I don't really have room for it here. It's in flawless condition and only has about 40 hours on it. I'm willing to part with it for a good price. PM me if interested. Thanks.
For the 10-15 minutes I spent comparing the two DACs, there are some very subtle differences, but nothing notable other than the brightness. I might have a more thorough impression if I spent a few hours with each, but that also shows how subtle the differences are.
Quote: Originally Posted by freak #Spizm How does Yulong DAC compare to Musical Fidelity DAC using same amplifier? The Yulong DAC is a little brighter than the Musical Fidelity DAC. Drums and cymbals are more present through the Yulong. Because of that, the Yulong might also be interpreted as harsher than the the MF DAC.
As promised, here's my review. For this review I had two goals: compare the performance of the Yulong’s various inputs against each other, and compare the Yulong against the DV337 amp. The following equipment was involved: Yulong DAH-1 Mark Amp/D/A converter (Yulong) Darkvoice 337 amp with stock tubes (DV337) Musical Fidelity 192Khz upsampling DAC (MF DAC) Squeezebox Laptop (for USB) Sony MDR-CD3000 headphones For phase 1, I created a setup where the Yulong was...
I just received a Yulong DAH-1 Mark and a Darkvoice 337 amp last week. I'm waiting for both to burn-in a little before I post any opinions. Both look like very solid pieces of equipment. I'm planning on listening to these in the following two configurations: 1. computer --USB--> DAH1 2. computer --USB--> DAH1 --RCA DAC out--> DV337
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