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Noble rocks!
How many interested people do they need to make a batch? Jim
My new favorite. Now I have to buy ANOTHER pair. Jim
Be careful or we'll have to turn this into the happy date stories thread. Jim
I think the cool thing would be to have one scan taken and then use that file to send to different companies. One scan, many headphones. It is difficult for people outside of metropolitan areas to continually have impressions taken. Jim
That is really impressive. I hope many ciem makers get on board. Jim
No plastics look or feel to my prestige, has a wonderful glossy shine. Love my thin cable also. No change in sound and super light and comfortable. I would love one with a balanced 2.5 and maybe angled connectors. John, Brannan, what do you think? Jim
Nice work, just received mine today. Sound absolutely wonderful. Since it's my first custom the feeling is different but nothing hurts. Looking forward to many hours ignoring friends and family with them. Jim
Looking forward to seeing RHA team again also.Jim
It will be great to see you again Brian.Jim
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