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Will anyone who has purchased Forza cables be going to Canjam in October? Jim
Black, everything else in the rack is already black, should look awesome with my black metal, maple wood rack. Jim
Aaaaaaah, wish I was young again. JIm
What day? What time? Kind of like a flash mob but with t shirts. I'm in, let's do it! Jim
My friends and family think $400 is outrageous when we all know that's mid-fi. I laugh at them because that just don't understand. Jim
Good start! Hope the end, er I mean landing was successful.
Strange way to meet family!
Going to be a full three days now! Jim
Some need to justify the money spent, I understand. I mostly buy cable for different attachment choices, ease of use, and comfort as long as I still enjoy the music. Haven't found a cable that doesn't have some advantages. Linum takes the comfort part to a whole new level. Jim
Some say the sound on the Linum cable is muffled but the trade off in ergonomics is well worth it. Jim
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