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It's not wood, guessed that already.
How about a M8 cmb?
Well, give it up man.
Oh my!
Order place end of October, still no cable. I have another DHC cable and I love it and I know Peter does amazing work, but the wait is frustrating.
It arrived at work so I have to wait until I get home and take care of family stuff to play. Will be listening to Oppo PM-1 and sony Z7 first, but also have LCD-XC, LCD-3, TH900, and multiple mid-fi closed portables. Jim
Crimson in the house, woop, woop.
I bought the Panamax 4300 for one of my rigs for under $200 on Amazon. To get voltage regulation you have to get the 5400 and the cost goes up to around $450. I'm glad to see them in the video, I think they offer a lot of features for a more reasonable price.Jim
And it still doesn't regulate voltage, just shuts down if too far over or under.
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