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Leaving in a few hours. See everyone soon. Jim
Kimber Kables Rock. Sixteen wires into eight for each side. Beautiful color and impeccable braiding.
I'm coming, sorry for the late notice. Willing to volunteer also.
Ok people, The Westin and I are one. Anyone around let me know. Might just hang at the pool and wait. Jim
Hey Warren and Wata, I have been busy with real world stuff (wife, kids, sports, spring break ski trip, etc.) so haven't been around here much but looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone. Truck leaves driveway in 7 hours, plane leaves Denver in 12 hours, arrive in OC in 14 hours, very excited. I will be around Thursday evening if anyone is around and all day Friday to help set up (Brannan, Warren, Michael, Alex) Lets get everyone set up so we can all go out to...
Hey Warren, Count me in on the Tungsten. Only tube amp I Have is the Lyr. Jim
OK, Crimsons a hybrid, never mind, still tempted.
So, if I now get the Liquid Gold I will have the solid state trifecta.  Very Tempting!
Congrats Warren, Alex, and Cavalli Audio. What a great fit and exciting opportunity for everyone involved. This reaffirms my desire and loyalty to and for Cavalli audio as one of my top choices for audio equipment. I look forward to what will become of this in the future and it's great to be friend with all these wonderful people. Jim Graff
Gives them that wonderful dirty sound everyone likes.
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