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No, I just want to get it right!
Every time I think I know what design I want you throw something else at us. Absolutely amazing work. I have until canjam to figure it out or Brannan and I will be spending a lot of time together. Jim
I bought the t51p off of recommendations here and I definately like the sound better than the xs I already had. For portability the the xs is hard to beat. I find most all on ears uncomfortable after 15 minutes or so but I have no problems with either of these. Jim
So cool to see a bunch of people I met at can jam last year. Wish I could make it to more events this year. Definitely looking forward to seeing everyone at this years can jam and meeting many more. Jim
Hp50 at home, t51p while out. Similar sound and comfort and no funny looks. Jim
Thanks for the info. It makes me a little more comfortable about my purchase. Not so comfortable about the wait for the gsx2 but I hear and know it will be worth it. Jim
I see you have the pwd2. I purchased this in anticipation of my gsx2 next batch. How does it sound and any other dac I should consider? Thanks.Jim
Or, wrap it up and send it to me!!!!!
I'll wait, but definitely going to give them a try.
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