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 Just remember what I told you. (hope you know I'm kidding) but seriously, play nice. Jim
 That's fine, just don't troll or become slanderous.
Easy decision in my opinion. Get the K10, far superior. The W60 are a nice sound but the K10 is more balanced and just has more presence. Jim
Hey Dan, I listened to the C at CanJam, now I'm getting antsy. When the boxes coming in? Jim
Haven't heard anyone call the Savant veiled, that's confusing.
They better tell us what's inside or someone will open it up and get all upset it's not what they thought. Then make a video to try and discredit the company. (see Noble Savant).
Head-Fi table is usually head-fi central. Always people from head-fi there.(I just said head-fi three times, four now) ha.
So, in the shower by myself, I sound just like the artist.
New Posts  All Forums: