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Wait..............so that makes you....................29?
I listened to the mark 2 at canjam SoCal also and I agree with Warren. They were very nice to listen to but there was not a lot of bass. I know from my conversations with RHA that they were wanting a more neutral sound. So, if they have the neutral sound I heard with more bass I think they will be perfect. I will buy without an addition as I love their products and highly respect the people and company. I bought the T10 and don't use it much because I think it has too...
Thanks for the update.  Already ticking some of my most wanted boxes...Headamp, Electromod, HiFiMAN. Really really hoping @runeight can make the trip (preferably with a LAu).   Would also be great to have that new TOTL Pioneer headphone that's receiving some good early press.  [/quote] Dr. Cavalli won't be able to make it, his van is not waterproof. (just kidding, he may rent a special one for the trip.) Jim
Custom metal iem? That would be cool!Can't wait to hear these, prototype at canjam was goodJim
Most socializing at the last 3 CanJams has been in chairs in hallways, around the venue, in the lobby, or at dinner. Has never really been a need for a special room.Jim
It's not wood, guessed that already.
How about a M8 cmb?
Well, give it up man.
Oh my!
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