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For sale is the Audio Technica AD2000. In like new question though it could pass off as new as there are no blemishes.   Will ship outside USA as long as buyer pays for shipping.   For CONUS buyers, shipping is included.   Trades: I'm looking for an IEM or in-ear.   Feel free to ask questions thanks!!   SOLD!
  You didn't ask her out?  
craiglist and yard sales.   I found a takamine that way for 75  
More comfort, I tried my friends W3 and found it very pleasing.
I wanted earphones/iems like westone.  
What would you guys recommend for around $300?   I listen to mainly soft alternative and a little bit of jazz.   I'm not a big fan of earphones/iem but I expecting to be traveling soon and   I don't want to lug my headphones around.   So which eaphone or iem would you guys recommend?   Help?
I think I have. Audio Technica AD2000. I don't know but I keep going back to it.
The best I seen are Bose but mostly Dr. Dre's Beats.   It's sad really.
  You got to "Grab the HTML/BBCode" located at the "Share" Button.
Sorry to here that.   I think we can write this up as a mistake, a once in a blue moon thing as I had decent experience with them as well.   I hope it works out for you.
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