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That makes total sense Mython. It's a good distinction to make.
That's a great article. Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't seen it before. Lots of insight there.   An important excerpt from it: "Let the material cure in the ear undisturbed. Do not touch it or press it into the ear. Kieper3 found that making a “tighter” impression by pressing the material further into the ear creates a worse—not better—seal for the resulting earmold."
  Those are really good questions! Now i'm wondering too.
  If you felt pressure when you leaned back it's likely that the silicone had already set up. You should be fine. :-)
Awesome vids Mython. I hadn't seen the creation process this in-depth before. Very cool.
Good suggestion. I updated the post above to add this information. Thanks for that. My audiologist did a huge impression which basically covered the entire surface area of my ear.
  I've recently had a few sets of impressions made and tried different sets of IEMs made from them. Here are my tips for those looking into custom IEMs. I spent a lot of time talking to my audiologist, doing research and have experienced the differences that different jaw positions can have on the end result.   The quickest and easiest way to get a good seal is to recommend use of a bite block during the impression. This recommendation is not always the best one...
Sure. Here are a few of my actual settings I'm using.   PowerAmp uses it's own higher quality decoders for some superb sound. It's a major difference over my iPad and iPod, I've pretty much ditched them at this point.   The top one called "Mid Boost" is just a light boost I use for most electronic and rock music. The "Full Boost" I use for softer music, ambient, classical, and some lower quality (192kbps) MP3s to bring them back to life.   If anyone uses this app its...
  Hi Benzo,   Have you tried using EQ with the quads? I agree with your review from a "listening flat" perspective, but if you add EQ into the equation it introduces a whole new level of fun to the sound.  I'm using the beta of poweramp right now on android which has some insane sound quality going on on top of some very nice EQ features. The sound i'm getting out of my quads is what i'd quantify as HOLY ***** OMGWTFBBQ, which is not what I get out of them from a flat...
  Totally agree. I've fully dialed in two EQ presets for the quads now using PowerAmp (this is not a screenshot of my EQ preset sadly). The Quads are totally off the hook if you use EQ with them. You can really dial in the sound exactly how you want. Even the slightest movements are audible with the quads. Love it.   Highly recommend PowerAmp if you are using Android for playback. The sound and EQ is seriously wicked. You can also set your presets to automatically swap...
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