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Any good sites for xlr cables the ships to the US?
Where do you guys buy proper 4pin xlr cables? I brought some and they sounded noticably worse than what i borrowed from a friend of mine.
from running through this thread, it seems like a number of you experience changes in sound after burning in the thx00s. do you guys leave music playing 24/7 or just leave music on through out the day?
the cardboard box that arrived came looking like it was crushed under something heavy. luckily the actual headphone box is safe. this is my first time with DHL and if i ever were to ship packages, DHL isn't even going to be on my list of couriers.
Don't all 400i use 2.5?
have you tried this cable? how does it compare to 400i's stock?
where can i get a good replacement cable for cheap to replace my 400i's stock one. the stiff cable is finally damaged from the stress of constantly being winded and unwinded i guess. the left side would would constantly cut off constantly unless i move the cable around a bit.
single digit and theres bubble wrap marks on mine.
after digging through this thread there seems to be a few users with static issues. is there to solve this?
how loud is the thx00 on the m9xx set at 45? that is volume that i normally listen to.
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