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Whats the difference between fazor and pre fazor versions in sound. And possibly build?
I know fashion can be outdated and new trends keep coming up. But as for something like this, this is more like picking your favorite food. Imagine if one day chicken is no longer a staple for its meat, and if you ain't eating bear meat or whatever you're a hipster. Imagine people going "what? chicken? who eats that anymore. hahaha". But then again more and more people realise that the food pyramid is actually unhealthy. They recommended way too much carbs in the diet.
I didnt like it with k701 and k7xx. It was ok with 400i. But its great with hd600 and hd650.
Thanks for the help. Im not familiar with balanced setups. I've only started thinking about going balanced recently.
so will i be compromising gungnir mb's performance from the mjolnir 2's se out but balanced xlr out to xlr in. Not all my headphones are balanced.
If i run this from rca out to a non balanced amp like the wa6se will it still be as optimum as in balanced? And how about from balanced out to balanced in on an amp with only a single end output like the heron 5.
when i checked just now out of habitual browsing, i just noticed theres still a 13day drop period (yea i know im slow). so are they going to keep the drop up til all purplehearts get sold?
Anyone tried the hd650 through this amp? I like to know your impressions. And how it compares to other amps you heard through the hd650.
Any1 here compared it to mjolnir2 in balanced. I know mjolnir2 is a tube amp and heron 5 is a solid state. But im comsidering this as an option as well to upgrade from my valhalla2. I want to know how much output power does the heron 5 push into 300Ω and 600Ω.
It does push 5w into 32Ω. How much does it push into 300Ω and 600Ω? Just wondering if this is a good upgrade from the valhalla2 even though this is a solid state and valhalla2 is a otl.
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