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can the nos11 still be considered neutral? i prefer having a neutral dac/amp and just let the headphones do the coloring. but from what i read the nos11 is smoother than m11. im not sure which one to get. im mainly going to run hd650, hd600, 400i, lcd2 in balance and k7xx, thx00 in SE for now. i afraid the nos11 might make the hd650 sound too thick. and the m11 sounding too bright if i ever get something like an hd800 or a T1.
can we cancel our purchase of the mahogany and purple heart versions and jump on the ebony instead?
how does theĀ  nfb-27h comapre to the master 11 and schiit mjolnir 2(with decent tubes) + gungnir MB. i know i shouldn't compare tubes and ss but i still want to know. especially the difference in sound between 27h and master 11.
Im not sure how the ordering process goes in audio gd. So do i just to the following steps? 1-email them telling them you want to buy a certain product and tell them where it will be shipped to. 2-wait for them to email you back with a link to their paypal for payment. 3-after payment is made, wait for item to ship. Are those steps correct?
so you just email them telling them you want to buy "name of item" and they'll send you a link to their payment method?what about if something goes wrong with the unit? they are in china and sending faulty units back to might be a hassle.
How does the single end jack compare to the xlr on the nfb 27h? Usually if something that contains both se and balance, the balance is usually superior. I have some headphones that's hard to convert to balanced.
ordering stuff from audio gd seems to be a hassle. im pretty interested in that nfb-27h though.
wait. some of those are all in one dac/amp. i want stand alone units. not sure if some of those options will do the hd650 justice.i've been using valhalla 2 for quite a while now and it pushes around 800mW into hd650. so im wondering if there is any ss ampsout there that is as powerful or more powerful than some entry OTL tubes like valhalla 2.valhalla2 issue is not being good for low impendence so i have to use my ss for those.the only SS amp i know that ran run...
anyone know a good dac and ss amp combo for around $2000. preferably something that isn't an all in one unit. it's fine if it has a balanced option but don't want the single end to be lackluster compared to balanced. since i have some headphones that's hard to convert to balance. that works well with the hd650 and efficient enough to run plannars since i'll eventually get more headphones for my inventory. i've considered the mjolnir 2 (i know its a tube ss hybrid) and...
Whats the difference between fazor and pre fazor versions in sound. And possibly build?
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