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I thought about waiting for the next gen version too, but I found an amazing deal on the T1 ($629! from an authorized dealer!) and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.  
Yep. I'm already convinced that the T1 is easier to enjoy, though I can't see myself ever selling the HD800. I kinda think there's room in my stable for two top-tier headphones! 
Thanks, TraneTime! I also own the Asgard 2, but I’m finding the T1 sounds just a tad bright with that amp (I’m a little sensitive to treble in the 7-10 kHz range, btw). Enter the Valhalla 2: so far, this is my favorite pairing with the T1. Speaking of Woo audio: I’ve had my cross-hairs on the WA2 for a long time. But for some reason, I’m reluctant to drop that kind of cash on a headphone amp. Silly, I know. 
I’m a long term owner of the HD800 checking in with you crazy Tesla guys and gals. Twenty minutes ago, my bewildered postman rang my doorbell and delivered my T1. I say he was “bewildered” because I all but pounced upon the poor fellow as soon as he rang my bell, bursting from my door and wresting the package from his trembling hands with an unrestrained, “Hell yeah!”  Upon seeing his wide, fearful eyes, I apologized (of course, I apologized!), and then, I retreated into...
Speaking of soundstage: I’m not sure if I’m a victim to the dreaded “expectation bias” phenomenon, but the Cayin C5 seems to have opened up the PM-3’s soundstage too. And now that the C5 has resolved my only PM-3 complaint, I can unequivocally say: the PM-3 amazes me in every way. Switching between the HE-500 and the PM-3, I can detect only subtle differences now (sonically speaking, these headphones, I swear, share a strong family resemblance). True, the HE-500 still...
Good advice and you're right: musicality is exceptionally important to me, so I plan to take my time, read all reviews, haunt all the appropriate forums, and then, and only then, make a decision. No doubt, finding a totl headphone to succeed the DT150 will be next to impossible, so I won’t waste my time pursuing such an elusive, and possibly illusive, unicorn. 
Interesting! I didn't know this. Thanks for the head's-up.
Great post, Jdpark! Where did you buy the K501, btw? I could find only one place via the Amazon Market Place selling these at present, but the asking price is rather obscene. Actually, there are few vendors on Amazon selling the Beyer T1 for far less, and after my positive experience with the DT150, I’m seriously considering Beyer’s flagship headphones. Hopefully, the sale price won't vanish before I can gather the funds for this purchase.  
IMHO, the He-400 is a great headphone with two big problems: the upper-midrange is seriously recessed and the middle treble response can sound aggressive and at times harsh, especially with poorly recorded pop music. The PM-3’s frequency response, on the other hand, is finely tuned: no spiky treble; an impressively linear and liquid mid-range response; and nicely extended bass with a fair amount of texture. The He-400 trumps the PM-3 in two departments: sound-stage and...
Ditto. I'm loving the C5 with the PM-3, though I don't really care for the bass boost. Question: Does the C5 seem to open up the PM-3's soundstage to you? Or is that impression just a figment of my overactive imagination?
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