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Fantastic story. Thanks for sharing. 
Guys, if anyone here is still interested in tweaking and refining the DT150’s sound, I highly recommend some equalization. I know that many purist frown upon EQing, but By Jove, I understand this phobia less and less every day. I recently bought an analog, 15 band graphic equalizer, and if the DT150 made me happy before equalization, I’m downright ecstatic now that I’ve fine-tuned its sound: a few extra dBs in the upper-midrange, a few extra in the sub-bass, subtract a few...
I doubt anyone here, or anywhere, would classify the DT150’s treble as "fatiguing." Some folks, however, might make the opposite claim and accuse the DT150 of sounding dark (indeed, darker than the HD650). And one lone fellow, somewhere in this thread, thought that his DT150 sounded congested and swampy. To me, however, the DT150 sounds wonderfully natural and full-bodied, “natural” being the operative word here. And yep, I can listen to these headphones for hours and...
Yes, most definitely! 
oh boy..... I shouldn't have read this ^  
I'm definately interested. What DAC are you ordering? 
Thanks again. There are so many variables in trying to find one amp to satisfy two exceptionally amp-picky headphones. The HD800 is especially hard to please! And to complicate things further: there’s no place anywhere in New Orleans for a headphone hobbyist to audition good gear. Ugh. As a consequence, I have to pester folks on head-fi. I appreciate everyone’s patience. Truly.  
Just for kicks, I decided to plug the T1 into my portable amp: The Cayin C5. This little amp is a freaking powerhouse and it drives the T1 with surprising authority, and even though this little guy is a solid-state amp, it subdues the treble more effectively than the Valhalla 2 (puzzling). I admit, the T1 is still a tad bright for me, but I’m beginning to hear the potential. The Asgard 2, by comparison, does nothing to hinder the T1’s treble—imho, it’s not a good match for...
Nice!  I would love to know how T1 pairs with the Lyr. 
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