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New Joe Ford release is out, he is absolutely ridiculous. His production is top tier and the melodies are beautiful and aggressive at the same time. Inspected is still my favorite label in the mainstream (ish) EDM scene.  
I've been listening to much more Rap than EDM nowadays but this really struck me as an epic tune (the last drop is fantastic). I think listening to solely EDM for a few years desensitized me to the nature of what I was hearing. I don't think as much good stuff has come out lately but the songs I've liked have been really great.  
Yea I think I'm gonna go with the M100. I don't think the momentum or mdr1r will have enough bass for me on the go, and the denons aren't really plausible for portable use for me. Thanks for the help though everyone.
 Gonna need closed cans, I'll be using them at home and on the go, also for college next year I'd like to have something closed just to be courteous to my roommates. I was interested in the HE-400 but open cans don't seem to be an option for me.
 Not looking for the NC part, although I did read their passive mode was good. How do the Momentums compare with the M100s?
Hey guys, I haven't thought into getting headphones in a while but I thought I would give it a go. Right now (and for the past 2 years) I've had the Bose AE2s, they're super comfy and somewhat bassy but I want something with more in the subbass range and better highs. I find myself turning on the Bass Boost function of my E10 pretty often, especially for Rap and some Dubstep.   $300 is about the highest I'll spend, so far I've been considering the M-100s, Pro 900s, and...
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS:     Also excited for new L Plus, Chase & Status, and Camo & Krooked releases this month.
Album out on the 14th of next month, really excited:     C&K album is out at the end of this month too, interested in the direction they're going in.
No idea when the album is coming out but this is great:  
Lorn's Self Confidence Vol. 3 just came out, even it it's mostly unfinished stuff I still love it.   Posting some Lorn for good measure:  
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