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Except that the Pt is cheaper? Also good news, it's not the cable that's messed up, turns out it's my Clip+'s headphone jack, it faked me out because it cuts in and out randomly even when not moving at all.  Still replacing the stock cable though, the triboelectrics drive me nuts.
For the ER-4Pt at least, yes.  The plugs are quite tight though, they take a lot of force to pull out the first time.  Gentle rocking up and down will help ease the prongs out.  They connect at the point where the earpiece becomes a cylinder.  I don't have any of the other models, but I would guess they're all the same.
That sucks, I assume you're talking about the Westone adapter that's too loose?  I guess I'll have to send the original cable to a cable maker and have them scrap it for the plugs. They are in warranty, I am in the US, and there's no way I'm replacing it with another stock cable.
Unfortunate this had to be my first post here, I love these IEM's sound, but...the stock cable on these is utter garbage, it didn't even last a single winter before shorting right below both earpiece's plugs, so now I need a new one.  Does anyone have experience with Vesper Audio's cables?  How much am I looking at for a Meta Arg?  Is there any company that makes Ety terminated cables that aren't insanely expensive like the APureSound ones, don't get stiff in the cold, and...
The ATH-M50s were anything but flat or neutral to me, their FR was a rollercoaster of awful, really.
Can anyone comment on which insulation has better dielectric properties, and which is most flexible? (XLPVC will be 28awg 7/36 stranded, XLPE will be 26awg 7/34 stranded, both are tinned copper)  I only know that XLPE has okay flexibilty, (in comparison to, say AKG's cables) very good dielectric properties, and does not tribocharge, like PVC.  I've never heard anything about XLPVC.  I do know that the XLPVC is reasonably priced, ~$38 for 1000', but the XLPE is quote only,...
Sennheiser HD600, Grado RS2i, Beyerdynamic DT235, Audatron whatever whatever, and Sony MDR-F1, Fostex T50RP for me. (ATH M50 too, but the remorse came like, 3 years after the purchase when I realized they were horrid in every way)   HD600, how anyone can say these sound true to life is so far beyond me, it blows my god damn mind.  Started me on my path of distrust of subjective opinions and realizing objective measurements are not indicative of what a headphone sounds...
New headphones, time to update my list:   1. AKG Q701
I think so too. :P  I'll be keeping the V6 as a compliment though...god damn do they put slam behind hardstyle's kicks, I just wish the upper registers snapped more so both parts of the kicks would be tactile.  I might try to write up a comparison when I get them, but the problem with that is nobody besides takato14 has heard the modded V6.
As I seem to recall people discussing in other threads, Golden Ears measurements aren't exactly...good, and smoothing by 1/3 octave?  No thanks, that's such heavy smoothing that the result isn't worth looking at.  I'm definitely getting one of these soon though.  It was between the Q701 and the M500, but I think I'm going to go for the M500 first. :P  I'd really like something that can match my modded V6's qualities, but doesn't have such high THD in the bass, has more...
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